How to motivate yourself to act when you lose your enthusiasm

How to motivate yourself to act when you lose your enthusiasm

That project is still on the shelf, the delivery date is approaching, and that customer complaining about and wasting your valuable time is still calling, and you! Haven't you ever intended to go to the gym many times this year?

Have you ever imagined how you would lessen guilt, pressure, and frustration and how would you be more motivated and happier when you do what you have to do?

Perhaps the good news is that you can stop this procrastination habit when you follow the correct strategy based on the reason for this habit:

- The first reason:

You have to hold off due to fear of failure.

The solution: adopt a “reinforcement” strategy.

There are two ways to deal with any task, the first way is to accomplish the task because you see it as a way to achieve your goals, for example when you successfully complete a project to gain the satisfaction of your boss or when you exercise regularly to become attractive, and this method psychologists call a strategy of "focusing on Target". Studies have shown that seeing your positive results gives you a sense of optimism and motivates you to act enthusiastically.

Doesn't that look cool? Well, your anxiety and your fear of failure weakens your focus on the goal and discourages you, so you should look at your goals positively, without suspicion, whatever the circumstances.

The second way to accomplish any task is prevention. In this way, your thinking is not limited to becoming better when you finish it, but how will you maintain your current situation without losses. For example, successfully completing a project - which your manager requested - is a method that prevents your manager from being angry with you or looking at you inferiority, and your exercise is a way to have fun. After decades of research that I have described in "Focus", studies have shown that anxiety about failure enhances the "focus on prevention" method. When your focus is on avoiding failure, your only way to escape from danger is to take immediate physical action. The more anxious you are, the faster you will get out of the danger zone.

I know this does not seem amusing, especially if you tend to encourage the pattern, but this is the best way to overcome your fear of failure and failure, which is your thinking about the dire consequences of not doing anything. Go ahead and create fear in yourself. It may sound like a bad but successful idea.

- The second reason:

Delaying you from some work is due to the lack of feeling that you want to perform it.

The solution: Be smart and ignore these feelings that block your path.

In his useful book (The Antidote: Happiness for Those Who Cannot Afford Positive Thinking), Oliver Berkman mentioned in most of the times that we repeat phrases like: “I cannot wake up early in the morning” or “I cannot motivate myself to do exercise” in fact what we mean It is that we do not feel the desire to do these things. In the end, nobody trusts you in your bed every morning, and there are no terrifying guards blocking the entrance to the gym because you just do not feel the desire for these things because there is nothing that impedes you physically. But as Berkman said: “Who said you have to wait until you want to do something to start with?”.

Think about this important matter for a minute. Suddenly we all believed - without realizing it - the idea that there is a need for enthusiasm and enthusiasm at the beginning of an action in order to be motivated by it, and I really do not know why we believe such words, it is 100% irrational.

Sometimes you need to be committed to what you do and want to see this project complete, be healthier, or start your day early, but you do not need to feel a desire for what you are doing.

Berkman pointed out that the dependence of most artists, writers, and inventors on the routine that is based on determining working hours per day is one of the reasons for their large production, regardless of their lack of inspiration or falling under the influence of drunken headaches in many cases. Berkman reminded us of the famous artist Chuck Claus's saying: “Inspiration for amateurs, but we are getting ready and going to work.”

So if you are sitting and have some postponed work because you don't want to do it, remember that you really don't need to love what you do and there is nothing to hold you back.
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