Ways to get rid of negative energy in the body

Ways to get rid of negative energy in the body

Some feel negative and despair in their daily lives and we may not be able to get rid of them, and some may not know that headaches depression, anxiety, insomnia, and obsessions may be due to the accumulation of negative energy.

Dr. Osama El-Sayed, an energetic researcher, presents methods of eliminating negative energy in the body, namely:

- Using olive oil to grease the body as it generates positive vibrations to rid the body of its negatives and strengthen the body.

Helping the needy and giving them credit This person feels happy as it sends comfort to you and them.

- Walking "barefoot" on dirt or sand on the beach, the body gets rid of negative energies, as the soil draws all of the body's psychological pain and gives it a feeling of comfort, and increases positive energy

Washing with coarse salt or sea salt and rubbing all areas of the body with it with water, generates a large positive energy and saves you from negative energies because sea salt contains iodine rich in omega-3, which increases the hormone serotonin in the body.

- Prostrating on the soil and prolonging the prostration pulls negative thoughts from the body into the soil, so the body gets rid of them and produces positive energy in their place.

Eating 7 grains that pass daily in the morning, encapsulates the body against any external negative energies that may be exposed to it and increase the generation of vital positive energy inside it.

Drinking an adequate amount of fluids, especially water, with at least 8 cups per day, has a major impact on the internal energy charge.

Always mix with positive people and avoid pessimistic or frustrated people because this has a major impact on the psyche.

- Exercising daily, even if you limit yourself to walking away from the complications of life, looking at the trees and the sky, deep breathing, relaxing, and not thinking about what disturbs your mood in those moments, saves you from tensions and returns you positive energy.
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