Advice that helps develop the habit of reading books

Advice that helps develop the habit of reading books

Reading is not just a hobby that we practice when we are bored, but rather it is one of the most important sources of knowledge and science. It is also a way to educate individuals and build civilizations. The reading peoples are the most advanced and urban. Unfortunately, the Arab people are the least reading in the world, where statistics indicate that every million Arabs read only 30 books, And because we care about you, dear, and want to contribute to the development of your community, we will give you some advice that helps develop the habit of reading books.


First: Make reading a daily habit

Human development experts say that it takes forty days for a person to get rid of a bad habit or to acquire a new habit, so make sure to allocate an hour to two of your agenda to read books, magazines or newspapers, as you will get used over time to read and you will not be able to stop it.


Second: Maintain your focus during reading

Television and radio, loud songs, voices from the street, all distract you and prevent you from merging into reading and compel you to re-read the paragraphs, so be sure to avoid all sources of distraction so that you can read carefully and benefit from the information in the book.


Third: Choose the appropriate place to read

Focused reading requires a comfortable environment and therefore experts prefer to sit in a quiet place while reading books. For example, you can read in the public library, or in your garden, or on the balcony. You can also read in the public park. These places will provide you with a suitable atmosphere and help to focus. And save the information contained in the books.


Fourth: Practice reading every day

At the beginning of your learning the skill of reading you will feel bored and bored, so practice reading on a daily basis until you get used to it, practice every day for 30 minutes to read, and the next day you train for 45 and each day prolong the period, this will help you to read for long hours and you feel fun and entertaining.


Fifth: Choose books with easy topics

Since you are a beginner in the field of reading, it is not a good idea to start reading books with complex and difficult information, just as it is not appropriate to read a huge book. This will make you feel bored and will soon stop reading, so it is important that you initially choose a small book that contains easy and easy information. In order to encourage the continued development of this habit.


Sixth: Choose different types of books

It is very important that you choose books that interest you at the beginning of your learning of the skill of reading, but it is also important that you diversify your choices, i.e. read historical, philosophical, artistic, literary, and scientific books, you will feel renewed and enthusiastic every time you read them, and this will motivate you to continue reading books.


Seventh: Participate in group reading

Sharing others reading is one of the most important motivating ways to get used to the habit of reading, choose a specific book and sit with your friends to discuss it and speak the most important information contained in it, this will open a wide field for you to understand what you read, and you will be encouraged to read more books.

If you do not like to read books or feel bored while reading them, use the advice given above, it will help you develop the reading habit, and contribute to the renaissance of your society and humanity as a whole.



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