5 steps to ensure you are self-motivated for success

5 steps to ensure you are self-motivated for success

Motivation is the only thing that pushes us forward to achieve our goals, there are those who failed and stopped, and there are those who succeeded after a catastrophic failure, the difference between the successful and the failure is the incentive to achieve the goal until the end, but, what if this incentive was internal? Then surely nothing will hinder us to reach our goals and aspirations in life, whatever the difficulties.


Given the importance of motivation in achieving success, we will present in this topic the most important steps that allow you to reach self-motivation.


What is the meaning of self-motivation and what is self-motivation?

It is tantamount to moving forward, and it is the internal and external factors that stimulate the desire and develop the motivations of the individual to continue the positive giving in the performance of various actions in order to reach his goal or to achieve a specific goal, the motivation charges the positive feelings and energy of the individual in order to achieve his goals and succeed in his life in the shortest time and less effort Maybe.


So motivation is related to the behavior of the individual, every behavior that a person performs in order to achieve a specific goal requires an incentive that drives him to do that behavior, and therefore the lack of motivation may lead to stopping the behavior and failure to achieve the goal to be achieved.


The difference between motivation and self-motivation:

Motivation may be linked to external factors: It is the stimulus that comes from outside. It is for someone to motivate another person to do something, or it is to urge others to take the required behavior. It is often linked between doing the required work and getting a reward or a promotion or something else.


It may be related to internal factors: it is the origin of self-motivation and is intended to mean the motivation of the same person to do something and the individual himself is responsible for it, it is he who motivates himself to take a specific action, then self-motivation is charging yourself with feelings and positive energy and your insistence on possessing a power that no one else has but you And rely on it to reach what you aim for and to achieve the success you want.


The importance of self-motivation to achieve success:

We always need self-stimulation in our lives for several reasons, including:


Self-motivation is important when we feel low energies and enthusiasm for a particular activity or work, or when we are less motivated to achieve what we aim for.

Self-motivation is important when we want to encourage ourselves and redouble our efforts to achieve our goals faster.

Self-motivation is important when we are bored or indifferent to what we have been planning to achieve in our life.

Self-motivation is important to challenge the difficulties and obstacles that may stand us and obtain the courage to overcome it.

Self-stimulation is important when we feel depressed and lose hope in everything around us.

Self-motivation is important when we take a step in which we see our success, but there is a feeling that accompanies us that we are unable to do it.

Self-motivation is the main driver of success and is one of the most important and best types of motivation as it comes from within the individual and pushes him to strive towards achieving his goals.

Self-motivation charges the individual with the energy and positive sensations that drive him to change his pessimistic outlook, and he becomes convinced that all of his goals are achievable.

Self-motivation helps an individual make the right decisions and think about the future through planning for him, in order to achieve satisfactory and impressive results. Therefore, the motivation must be self and continuously without stopping to reach your goals and achieve success.

Self-motivating steps to succeed:

1- Finding the Motives:

what are you looking for? Fame or money? Or just success?


Enthusiasm alone is not enough. Most enthusiastic people feel frustrated at times. Success has many ways, but only one way is motivation.


Find the motivations that lead you to your success and motivate yourself inside.


2- Repeat judgment and motivating statements:

Sayings that play an important role in generating your self-stimulation, and create in yourself a drive to continue whenever you feel powerless or tired. When you say to yourself, "Do not delay the work of today until tomorrow" or "Learn from your mistakes", you will do the work as soon as possible and you will not stop at any mistake you make. Rather, you will try again and again until you succeed.


3- Set your goals:

Where you must have specific goals that you seek to achieve in the light of a specific time plan to lead you to the path of success in your life, therefore it is important to set a timetable to reach your desired goal, and draw a firm plan of action surrounding the matter in all its aspects, and your goals must be specific, clear and achievable It has a specific date for its completion, and you must write your goals on paper and hang them in front of you to stimulate you and remind you continuously of what you aspire to achieve.


Therefore, you must first know what you want from your life? And how will you reach the goals you set to achieve this. You may be afraid to set your goals for fear of failure, but setting goals motivates you to seek to reach them.


4- Make your dreams limitless:

Strive to achieve the best results, and away from negative thoughts, and imagine the moment of reaching the goal and your achievement of success, your imagination when you draw success will be the most powerful emitter of self-made stimulation from the subconscious to the outside world on the ground.


You can get yourself used to sitting in a quiet place for several minutes, imagining a bright future, and visualizing the dreams you want while fulfilling in their full form, which will motivate the self properly.


5- Not affected by external factors:

Start yourself from the inside and don't let your mind respond to external reactions, such as being influenced by the opinions of others about you and their negative sayings, there are many negative people who are hostile to every successful person and try to discourage him.



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