Three ways to stimulate creativity within anyone:

Three ways to stimulate creativity within anyone:

Creativity is the cornerstone of the genius that created thousands of inventions, thus paving the way to a vast and transcontinental human civilization. Creativity is the pure and absolute energy of miracles. Creativity is passion, love, and passion for knowledge and the field of learning. If you are a teacher, you should know how to create and develop the creative abilities of your students (and honestly, this will not tell you at the College of Education), and even if it is not, certainly there have been periods in which you completely hated yourself and wished that you were not born at all. Those moments of despair stemmed from your temporary failure in something, and that failure is its main stimulus is the lack of creativity because creative energy exists in every individual in us. We'll talk about three ways to stimulate the creative energy in you, in your student, or even in your little boy. let's go!




Brainstorming is a popular learning tool for stimulating and developing students' creative energy. This method works best if applied in a small group, but it is okay if you apply it to yourself. Brainstorming is based on thinking from every direction and every possibility.

For example, you stand in the classroom and you have twenty students. In order to explain your lesson in an unconventional way, you decided to reduce its spine in the form of a question that indicates a problem that needs to be solved. If you are a teacher of biology in the third year of high school you will say: Can we make it happen for her ?! ”


Then students will begin writing their answers on a paper, and then discuss them in order to reach the correct solutions to the problem at hand. During the application of this method, no idea should be criticized before writing it, so any idea must be written as it is, then later it will be discussed. That, the way drives students to think differently, starting with proposing very traditional solutions like using a male / female condom, through medium solutions like tying a fallopian tube, to reaching extreme solutions that you might not even think of like removing the uterus from the ground up! They are all solutions that can be applied, and so you stimulated the creative energy of your student.


Lateral Thinking:

Lateral thinking is the most powerful method of creative thinking from my point of view. You do not think of solutions to the problem posed only by your scientific experiences. You here think of completely imaginative solutions that unleash your creativity literally. Lateral thinking depends on your thinking about all the side factors related to the problem, trying to reach a solution that is completely away from the traditional solution, so let us now assume that you are asking your child: “How can you make our neighbor open his door without clicking on it ?!”.


That question will prompt him to completely delete the "click" answer from his mind, and make him focused on the surrounding and side environment of the door itself. He will start with simple solutions at the beginning, such as: “I will call him loudly,” passing through medium solutions such as: “I will knock on his back window with a long stick and tell him to open the door for me.” Up to completely unexpected solutions such as: “I will throw a big rock at his car.” Below to sound an alarm, so he opens his door to rush to and see what happened to him. ” That is, the method creates minds that really think outside the box.


Problem Reversal:

The inverse of the problem is a method that relies on forcing you to change your perspective on the things around you, especially the problem you are about, by changing that perspective you will find yourself in front of something completely different, so you will think about it in a different way, which will open you new horizons of factors, solutions, and reasons that may be dependent on the problem The same, or useful in other areas of life. This idea was applied by a Belgian surrealist artist named Rene Magritte, who drew a painting for a pipe and wrote under it: "This is not a pipe - Ceci n’est pas une pipe". Now the artist forced you to erase from your mind the idea that this is a pipe, so naturally the other answer that will come to you is "This is a painting!".


The artist used this method to get you to focus on the main significance of the artwork: that this is a painting. That made you scrutinize the details of the drawing, colors, gradients, and other artistic drawing elements, in this way that leads the person to pay attention to the details hidden behind the dark structure of the problem, and in this way, different and creative solutions are thought based on those newly discovered details through this method.



Creative energy can be used to harness and work miracles, but it appears in some people in less proportions than others; This is because these people have received material and moral support represented in mechanisms that stimulate the exit of this energy and use it for the benefit of its owner. In this topic, I tried to summarize the three most important ways to help you stimulate and develop creative energy within anyone, I hope the article has liked you and see you on other topics better and stronger.

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