Do you know the salary of a president? This is how you can match it!

The office of the president was established on March 4, 1789, by the founding fathers. The office was enshrined into the constitution and the first holder of the office was George Washington. Ever since he left office, there have been a total of four pay raises and the value now stands at $400,000 annually. The first holder of the office, George Washington made only $25,000, and $669,469 in current amounts. This is after factoring in inflation and all other factors. The amount also comes with extra perks of the office. These include an extra allowance of $50,000 for extra expenses. The officeholder also has a $100,000 non-taxable travel allowance annually for personal travel. This however might be difficult to understand since all the travels are catered for by the taxpayer while the president is in office. There is also an extra amount of $19,000 that is an entertainment allowance.
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Vanguard Index Funds – Are They Worth It?

vanguard index funds

Investors today want more than stocks and bonds. Mutual funds offer an alternative, but carry higher expense ratios and have high minimum investment requirements. Passive investing in index funds, such as the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund, proves to be more profitable because of their lower fees and potential to increase over time. With more than 3,600 stocks across various sized segments, it’s easy to diversify your risk.
What are Vanguard Index Funds?
Vanguard index funds mimic a market. They may be comprised of securities from multiple companies in the same stock index or specific industries. They may mimic the S&P 500, bond market, or a combination of both.
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Oil Prices, The Constant Changes In Demand And The Benefits That Come With It.

The oil market is facing unprecedented times. The Covid-19 spread is majorly the factor for this occurrence. It has seen the prices of oil in the U.S market fall to a negative. You may ask yourself what this means. This means that oil producers are now paying buyers to take the oil off their hands. How tables have turned! This has never happened in history and is mainly attributed to the rise in supply without a corresponding increase in demand. This has been occasioned by the lockdown experienced in many parts of the world. This has seen oil producers renting tankers to store this excess supply and thus the prices have fallen from an initial high to an all-time low of negative $37.63 a barrel.
Oil prices chart

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How to work on Facebook Marketplace with images

How to work on Facebook Marketplace with images
Today we are going to talk about the Facebook Marketplace and we will focus on the importance of good quality images for your products to sell, but first, let's have a quick look at what the Facebook Marketplace is for those of you who are just starting now.

So first of all let's clarify that in the Facebook Marketplace the insertion of the ads goes through the groups. When a seller places an ad within a Facebook group, he can also decide to include it in the Facebook Marketplace, thus increasing his sales opportunities.

What you need to insert is very simple: product photo, description, price, and area in which it can be collected. Currently, the platform does not manage the payment phase, for which the seller and buyer will have to agree; in the future, the possibility of concluding all online negotiations will certainly be implemented.

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