Professional Gold Trading: The ultimate guide to learning to trade precious metals | 2020


Gold trading is assumed to be a normal part of Forex trading. Where gold tends to give greater opportunities for trading profits more than trading traditional Forex currency pairs. Traders who have a few hundred or a few thousand dollars can trade gold online in an efficient and meaningful way by using Forex / CFD brokers who provide trading services. It is worth noting that trading gold through the application of technical analysis methods, profits are better achieved than those that can be filtered by the basic analysis, and whose details will be explained below with historical price data, but first let's get acquainted with the most important reasons and factors that make gold one of the most important commodities Trading globally.
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Ubanker (Forex) and Corona: Corona Virus Impact on the Foreign Exchange Market

(Forex) and Corona

In light of the current crisis we are living in, global economies have suffered great losses and most of the economies of countries that have been infected by the Coronavirus have entered a recession like Italy and Spain, and the economies of other countries are still suffering in light of the widespread of this virus, and in general, all global markets have been affected negatively and have achieved losses Too big that some experts have rated as going worse than the 2008 financial crisis if the situation continues as it is. In this article, we will look at the impact of the Coronavirus on the foreign exchange market (Forex). Was the most liquid market in the world affected, negatively or positively, by this crisis? What are forex companies? What is Yubanker? Above all, we must first take a quick look at the Forex market, how is trading and making profits? And on what basis is this? Is it possible to achieve high profits from this market? Is it possible that this market is affected by global crises, or is it not linked to it? We will get to know all of this through Ubanker in this article, read on:
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Has the stock market crash of 2020 ended?

stock market crash

Sharp sales in the stock markets caused by the Coronavirus in February / March 2020 are unlikely to end soon, regardless of comfort advances and stimulus packages. Technical and fundamental analysis indicates that the declining market in stocks is likely to continue until the markets retreat by 50% of their highs, and perhaps even more, as the markets absorb the economic costs of the measures taken to contain the epidemic. The S & P500 index is likely to drop to at least 1750 levels during 2020.
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Forex trading breakout strategy

Forex trading

Another strategy that can be recommended for beginners is a 50-day breakout forex strategy. The same, with only two changes to the rules:
After you get the highest or lowest closing for 50 days, you wait another day. If the day is closed in the opposite direction of the breach at the end of that second day, you will have an entry signal to trade. So, you are waiting for the price to "fall" immediately after the breach.
Entry is more difficult here, as the price may still fall against the trend strongly, so it may be a good idea to move to the four-hour or hourly time frame and enter only when you have a candle closing above the closing prices of the previous two candles in a row (if you are looking for a long position) , Or less (if you are looking for a short position).
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