7 foods that make you happy

7 foods that make you happy

The late English writer Virginia Woolf expressed the relationship between food and happiness in her literary essay "A Room for One's One"; Which was published in 1929, with eloquent words, saying: “One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well if eating is not good.” 1

Literature alone did not link food and happiness, as science also demonstrated a relationship between food and happiness. Numerous studies have shown that certain types of food generate positive feelings in people. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy sources of fats have been linked to producing long-lasting, good feelings.
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How Men Can Prioritize Mental Health in 2021

Mental Health

Even in the year 2021, mental health issues still carry a stigma. This tendency to sweep things under the rug has real-life consequences. One study found that men, in particular, are less likely to seek help for their mental health issues.  It’s time that men have an open and honest discussion about these issues and embrace the tools to take charge of their state of mind. Check out these easy tips on how to prioritize your mental health. 

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Top Cryptocurrency 2021, Trending cryptocurrencies overview

Top Cryptocurrencies in 2021

Trending cryptocurrencies overview: if you are an investor looking to invest in cryptocurrency if you want to realize the potential of cryptocurrencies in 2021, and if you want to find out which cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, here are a few answers.
Cryptocurrency is a whole new different, well innovated, and probably one of the biggest ball games today. Many people have invested in cryptocurrencies and are happy with the results. In 2021, when economies try to get back on track after the corona pandemic, cryptocurrency will be one of the main areas of interest. Cryptocurrency, therefore, is an area worth waiting to be explored.

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What is Aave Crypto? & How To Get Aave? All You Need To Know About Aave

DeFi coin
Aave crypto has made a decent mark in the crypto industry and many people are intrigued by it. There is a lot to know about Aave crypto.
Aave started out as an ‘ETHLend’ and got its funding from Stani Kulechov back in 2017. Aave is an Ethereum based decentralized lending/borrowing platform which supports about 20 different tokens and supports authentic features such as ‘flash loans’. Aave has risen in popularity and demand over time and the cryptocurrency is seeking to bring DeFi to institutions this year, which will add to its popularity and worth.
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