How to calculate the cost of capital investment and financing for companies


Define the cost of capital
The cost of capital is known as the cost that the organization incurs to finance its projects. Within this framework, the intended capital is the funds raised by the Foundation to finance its long-term projects. The cost of capital varies according to the structure and sources of financing, and financing is usually done through a combination of different sources of financing. The cost of capital is considered one of the most important factors affecting investment decision-making from the point of view of the institution or from the viewpoint of the investor or financier.

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Investment tips from John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Mutual Fund

John Bogle

I have another surprise; John Bogle also agreed to speak to me about the stock market.
John Bogle is the founder and chairman of Vanguard Group, which he founded in 1974, and is also the author of ten books, including The Little Book of Common Sense Investing and The Common Sense on Mutual Funds. He is a strong advocate of long-term investment in mutual funds linked to indices.
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3 steps to open an account with a brokerage company

Stock Market

How do you enter and exit stocks and flee from them?
You will learn how to open a brokerage account so you can buy and sell stocks.
Opening a brokerage account Many people yearn to start investing in, and in this article, I will show you how to convince a brokerage account, and as I said before, opening and financing an account is the fun part, and now, I will accompany you through the steps of opening a brokerage account.
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How to start your own e-commerce project?

E commerce project

E-commerce means all forms of commercial transactions that take place online via the Internet, and perhaps the electronic stores that have become widely spread on the web are among the most prominent examples of e-commerce projects and their forms, as these stores sell and buy various forms of products and goods via the Internet without having a presence on the ground.
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Forex Education PDF books and free courses

Forex Education PDF books and free courses

The word "Forex" refers to the foreign exchange market or the global foreign exchange market, which is an abbreviation of the economic term from the "foreign exchange market", meaning "the foreign exchange market", a market that spans all parts of the world where currencies are spent by several participants, Such as international banks, international institutions, financial markets, and individual traders.
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How to manage a winner’s stock and how to buy your first stock

winner’s stock

First, they often sell shares as soon as trading becomes a bit profitable. Then, after the sale, they miss the massive jump the stock makes when its price rises.
Second: Investors want to hold certain stocks forever, despite the fact that some of the winning stocks may be losing. In fact, nothing is worse for you (and your account) than watching a profit disappear and turn into a loss. There are several strategies to prevent this from happening.
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