Stock Market 2020: A True Picture Of The Stock Market In 2020

Stock Market


2020 has been a fascinating ordeal. In fact, it has been an upheaval. While the start of 2020 wasn’t that bad, soon, 2020 was hit by one of the biggest epidemics in history in the world: coronavirus. Since everything shut off soon after that, within two months of 2020, a lot of people lost their jobs and markets nearly collapsed.
However, from May to now June, markets are slowly coming back to normal.
Since stock markets are now coming back to normal, a picture of the stock market shows that markets are gaining momentum, indices are reclining back to normalcy and industries are picking speed. Investors are thereby picking momentum and their confidence in the stock market is being reinstated.

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What is the best investment in the time of corona?

corona investing time

The world is experiencing difficult circumstances that it did not live in for long after the outbreak of the Coruna infection, which slaughtered the whole economy with no special case. With the world experiencing this present pandemic and its results, finding the ideal alternatives for the venture is the thing that everybody is worried about at this point. The most as often as possible posed inquiry of this period is: What is the best interest in Corona's time?
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Online project ideas can make you get rich in 2020

Online project idea

If someone had told you twenty years ago about those three words "online project ideas" you would have thought he was hieroglyphic!
Between the past, present, and future, the world is changing, the world is evolving, the world is turning into a more homogeneous and smaller plot, a flowering plot of ideas that flock to it from all sides, it is the ideas of online projects.
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7 tips for each beginner freelancer (to achieve success and improve return):

17 tips for each beginner freelancer (to achieve success and improve return):

The demand for self-employment is increasing year after year driven by some factors related to employers, freelancers, and the market, and in fact, many young people are attracted to self-employment due to its many advantages such as freedom at the time and place of work, the absence of a boss, work according to passion and love ... etc.
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Types of investors in the stock market Types of investment in stocks:

Types of investors in the stock market Types of investment in stocks:

Individual investors:
Investors buy shares of companies they think are selling for less than their value, and they plan to hold their shares for the long term (usually for years). Investors generally choose to ignore the short-term daily price fluctuations of the market. If everything goes according to plan, they find that the value of their investment increases over time.
One of the most successful long-term investors, Warren Buffett, likes to say that he does not buy shares, but rather buys a business, and he buys stocks at the best possible price and holds them for as long as possible.
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Retaining Losing Shares and Selling Winning Shares

Retaining Losing Shares and Selling Winning Shares

Most people hold their losing shares in the hope that these shares will return to the breakeven point, and they also sell the winning stocks early to keep the profit. Unfortunately, strong stocks usually continue to rise, and stocks that lose value continue to fall.
There are many exceptions, but in general, if you keep the winning stock positions and get rid of the losers, you will definitely see a significant improvement in the results of your investments. But most people do the opposite: when they have a winning stock, they sell it once they get a small profit, and sometimes they miss the big move. And when they have losing stocks, many tend to hold them in the hope that they will reach the breakeven point.
One of the strategies that investors use is to buy when the stock falls, in which investors buy more shares from a preferred stock when its value drops, and although this strategy may succeed sometimes, it is, in my opinion, a risky strategy; Because the stock will mostly continue to decline. And I've seen this happen with many leading stocks.
Especially technology and financial stocks that looked indomitable. In a weak, low-priced market, any share may fall. Another lesson: the stock may rise or fall to a level that you did not think could reach it.
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Strategies that professionals use to measure their stock profit

strategies that professionals use to measure their stock profit

It's all about points
To measure how much you earn or lose in the stock market, Wall Street uses the term points to denote dollars. First, remember that we talked about stocks which are part of the company. You can buy one share, 100 shares, 1000 shares, or as much as you can. Each share has its price, starting from several pence to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And these prices are constantly changing.
Now, let's go over how to score results. For example, the transfer that you bought a group of shares in a company that sells the stock for 20 dollars. If your stock price increases from 20 dollars per share to 25 dollars per share, then your shares increased by 5 points, and that is another way of saying $ 5 per share. And that's how we record results on Wall Street.
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