What is YFI Crypto ?, Why is YFI So Expensive?- Predictions, Speculations And What’s Ahead

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YFI crypto overview
YFI crypto is a part of a billion-dollar industry and is classified as a ‘freely-tradable coin’. It pairs well with other cryptocurrencies, fiat currency, and stable coins. Categorized as a prominent decentralized project in cryptocurrency, Yearn. Finance protocol simplifies the ‘DeFi’, decentralized finance. DeFi provides its users with the highest annual percentage yield automatically (known as APY) depending on how much they have invested in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Yearn. Finance price recently reached an all-time high between news regarding a potential Grayscale investment vehicle in it in the United States. YFI’s resistance level is still being tested by defining its upper trend line. However, a remote close of the channel projects a target price of about $100,000 for the cryptocurrency. 

YFI Crypto: What It Is And How It Works
YFI is an ‘eco-system’ of a protocol that is built on the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The purpose behind creating YFI was to ease the interaction of users with the DeFi protocols and then maximize the yearly percentage in cryptocurrencies.

Founded by Andre Cronje, who is the founder of Yearn. Finance, YFI Crypto eventually started moving funds between DeFi lending protocols such as Compound, Dydx, and Aave to maximize APY. 

The Yearn.Finance system was generated through community development and community governance through the YFI token.

Furthermore, Yearn.Finance was created because the founder realized that investing in cryptocurrencies is risky. However, he wanted to create something between decentralized finance protocols and the considerable yields to allow people to invest in coins that are more stable on such platforms. Resultantly, he created a program that helps in switching between different DeFi protocols to generate and optimize yield. Through Aave and Curve Finance, he created something more refined, the YFI cryptocurrency, and launched it publically. The system then became known as ‘iEam’.

In other words, YFI is a native token for Yearn. Finance System. It is a DeFi yield farming that is focused on making it easier to automatically farm the highest possible yields with their cryptocurrency. YFI makes it easy to use cryptocurrency for your purpose, which is another reason why it is so popular today.

Why Is YFI So Expensive?
YFI is not really a coin. In fact, it is a DeFi project. It has grown rapidly over the last few years and it is based on several factors that authorize its legitimacy.
     1-    YFI has risen in great demand because of the limited supply of tokens.
     2-    The total worth of assets blocked in Yearn Protocol that has affected its popularity and the performance of the   Ethereum network is quite significant which means the platform is here to stay and is not going anywhere anytime soon.
     3-    There has been constant work on the project development of YFI protocols. It involves not just the introduction of new products but also the improvement and optimization of UX of current products and research on DAO management capabilities.
     4-    It is rare and tough to build, so it stands on its strength and incredibility as a platform itself.

YFI is categorized as the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world. It has been launched recently and has 36,666 coins in maximum capacity. The commitment towards manufacturing YFI has been very strong, and its supply is limited which increases its worth and makes it so expensive. While making the currency, its founders committed to keeping its supply limited and said they will not release a single unit of the currency. As a result, YFI is limited in its supply and it holds solid ground amidst high competition which again makes it expensive.

Furthermore, YFI is based on a very strict and disciplined model of Yield Farming Governance Protocol with more than $500 million money locked in it. Since its basics are those that are rooted in any good governance, measure, or state, YFI’s worth automatically increases in time and space. This is another reason why crypto is so expensive.

Yearn. Finance (YFI) is priced at $48,313.29 at the stock exchange. In BTC terms, it is priced at 0.923, and in exchange for Ethereum, it is priced at $24.14. With a market cap of $ $1,759,767,526 and a 24hour trading volume of $1,592,455,290, Yearn.Finance is a powerful hold.  

In the last year, YFI has grown valuably. Individuals are predicting a very long-lasting impact of YFI crypto. Furthermore, its limited capacity and the fact that it belongs from a reputable industry is another reason why it is so expensive.

As for where you can buy Yearn. Finance YFI from, the answer is simple. YFI is a freely tradable token. It exchanges on the Binance, OKEx, and Huobi Global, along the AMM Uniswap (which is the automated market maker).

yearn finance chart

Reference: Coinmarketcap

YFI Price And Popularity
YFI’s performance, on the whole, has been quite outstanding. Its capped supply has entered circulation and its token has hit an all-time high of $41,000 by mid-September 2020. it also became the first cryptocurrency to become more valuable than the price of Bitcoin (BTC) per unit itself.

Yearn. Finance essentially has gained a lot in the past many months. Here are few reasons to buy it.

      1-    YFI follows the league of Bitcoin and is good in terms of being a good trend in the market. YFI initially had no value but has managed to gain good strength overtime. YFI is going to increase in worth till its supply of 30,000 coins doesn’t finish. With an increase in the purchase of its coin, its worth will only increase. Therefore, it makes it a good time to buy Yearn. Finance now/today. 
      2-    YFI has a decent and significant market cap. It is part of an industry that is very promising. It is rare and it has risen in worth among high competition that makes it an investment that is quite worthwhile.
      3-    In addition, based on a model that is so intense and so secure, YFI Crypto can never really lose such worth. In 2021,  after the corona pandemic and while we still recover from it, YFI crypto might be an investment that is worthwhile. As the year progresses and some cryptos lose worth and gain some, YFI, which stands close with the Bitcoin, is something investors will invest in, especially the bigger groups, which again makes it a viable investment. Another reason why people will hold on to Yearn. Finance is that it stands on two major cryptocurrencies itself, the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum itself, both that are popular currencies themselves. Therefore, if you invest in Yearn. Finance, you will definitely not lose worth or value because it is based on a solid model and its footings are quite solid as well.
Why Is YFI Going Down?
Given the stated and above, in recent times though, YFI’s performance has sort of simmered and YFI has gone down. YFI is a part of a community that appears to be fragmented. It recently is showing a lack of momentum in the given/allotted DeFi space which has created some down winds and serious headwinds for the cryptocurrency. Today, YFI is trading down, below 50% of its recent highs.

Yearn. Finance is quite secured. However, you can lose money in it because of the existing market conditions and the fact that these market conditions change rapidly. Furthermore, the fact that other entities try to make a profit from other less experienced participants is also a fact that makes YFI lose worth. However, on its own ground, YFI’s performance cannot be challenged.  

YFI is also going down because a lot of people are not yet aware of the cryptocurrency or the Yearn. Finance model. They usually stay away from things that are technical or relatively new. In the meantime, other cryptocurrencies are making their way ahead because they are well known in the market and simple to understand. This includes the Bitcoin or Ethereum by and per se.  Today, there is a rapid investment in these currencies which is making YFI lose worth. 
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