The best ways to work and invest online (Second Edition)

The best ways to work and invest online

If you do not have the money, or if you find that the method you prefer does not suit you at the present time, perhaps because of a lack of experience or knowledge, but you still want to work and profit from the Internet.

Now let's move on to the best online money investing method that I collected for you carefully.


Investing in building websites:

This is one of the easiest ways to invest on the Internet due to the availability of information and tools that you need to start implementing directly, and it is also a proven method and a lot of people work with it.


You certainly know what websites are, and you know that there are many ways to profit from websites, and perhaps the most famous of them are ads.


Building these sites and creating content requires time, effort, study, choice of topics, and formulating them in a certain style in order to top the search results and get traffic (your traffic) to your site, thus achieving profits.


But you can cut yourself all this as long as you have the money, let me show you the different ways to profit from this method.


Purchase ready sites:

Do you like the winner's website? Do you see it useful? Imagine that you can buy a site like winners (of course, the winner's site is not for sale, as it is the son of Majdi Kamil, the site's founder ... and there is no father who sells his children?).


A site like winners, whether in the field of marketing, nutrition, sports or other fields, maybe a good project for you, because these sites have good traffic and make money continuously for long periods, do you not think that your purchase of such sites is a good investment?


Of course the more the site is large and gets good traffic the more it costs, but it is a largely guaranteed investment, you need very little effort to manage a site like this, and you can use professional bloggers from various free work platforms to publish new content and enlarge the site more.


You can search for these sites in various languages and the Knitsch in the world, and perhaps the best platform you can search for sites for sale is the giant Flippa platform.


There you will find hundreds of websites (mostly in English) with traffic reports for the site, and profit ways, whether through ads and AdSense or by commission marketing.


You can even get the site's mailing list and social media pages as well if you want, and you will find the starting price for each site.


Also, you can address any website owner and offer him to buy from him if you wish, and you can use the same platform to make the purchase safely to ensure your rights.


There are other platforms with which you can find sites for sale, even there are Facebook groups dedicated to that as well, but you need to be careful and ensure the quality and strength of any site before buying.


Therefore, you should be aware of the SEO and the site-specific terms if you do not know them.


Building sites:


Building any website requires the purchase of hosting, then designing and adjusting the site settings itself, then adding content, you can do all of this through freelance platforms.


This is the second picture of investing money on websites, as you use the money you own to build a website as you want it, and put the content you want in it as quickly as possible so that you start earning.


Even that you can use any person who manages your site, content or social media accounts if you want that, it does not require a lot of money, and if you choose good topics you can recover all your expenses in less than a year and then start making profits.


Trade sites:


This is the third image of investing in websites. You can think of it as a cross between the previous two methods, but in a smarter way.


If you go to the Flippa site that I mentioned earlier, you will find there are various sites, you will find large and small sites, sites that are years old and completely new ones, there are many people who search for all kinds of sites.


This is what you will use, you can buy small or relatively bad sites, then improve and modify their content, and set ways to profit with them, then offer them for sale.


As car dealers do, they buy used cars that are not in good condition, then improve and upgrade them, then sell them, and of course, they make great profits.


Also, you can build websites yourself from the start, but good content on them, set ways to profit, then wait for 6 months for example until you start to make good profits, then you sell the site.


This method is very profitable, especially if you acquire a simple knowledge of site management, then you may learn on your own the required skills. Building a professional site does not require many skills as you think.


Or you can collaborate with a team of freelancers continuously, and this will make you save money and effort, and thus make more profits.


There are a lot of people working in this field and making excellent profits, and I wouldn't be overrated if I cut hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Investing in e-stores:


Have you heard about WooCommerce or Shopify platform to build e-stores?

Either you can invest your money in working in the area of drop shipping, it is a very profitable field and you will find all the tools you need here explained in the article of drop shipping that I mentioned earlier.


You can also buy ready-made stores, either from the Flippa platform or you can go to freelance platforms, there you will find someone offering e-shop construction services, adding products, and even creating ads and starting to earn for an amount of money.


Then all you need to do is start managing the store and add products from time to time.


You can also follow the same method I mentioned earlier for you, build stores yourself, set them up, add everything, then sell them for a higher amount than your total expenses until you achieve good profits.


T-shirt design:


T-shirt design is one of the profitable forms of electronic stores, but it is easier. You are building a store that depends on selling T-shirts and some different fabric products.


And that is by cooperating with different T-shirts printing platforms such as Printful, all this you can set automatically in your store when anyone purchases any product, this company automatically prints and delivers the product to the customer.


And you profit from the price difference between the cost of printing and shipping, and the price of the T-shirt, you do not need to be a professional designer, all you have to do is choose a certain niche, then cooperate with a professional designer on the freelance platforms.


This is also a very profitable way. All you need is to have a kind eye to find ideas for profitable t-shirts, and then promote these t-shirts via social media, especially paid traffic.


Investing in stocks and the stock market:

This is the traditional picture of profit from the Internet, which is buying shares of companies and institutions on the stock exchange. You can invest in any company located in any country in the world while you are in your home.


This method is very profitable, but it requires experience, research, and study, as well as a somewhat high level of adventure, especially for a beginner like you.


The profit from this method depends on your buying the shares somewhat cheap, or waiting for a long period (several years) until the share price increases (for example, Amazon's share price in 2015 was approximately $ 500 and currently it reached $ 1900).


Imagine that you only bought one share at the time, you would have made almost 3 times your investment now, and what if you bought two, 10 or more shares.


Or you can buy and sell on a daily or monthly basis, depending on your experience and the budget you have. It needs to research the market and follow the news of the companies you are interested in.


There are a lot of platforms that allow you to trade, and one of these global platforms is the famous ETORO platform that millions depend on.


The advantage of this platform - other than its quality and the strength of the information it provides - is that it enables you to follow the major investors in the world, so that you give them your money, and they choose stocks, buying and selling on your behalf, in exchange for part of the profits.


This makes it somewhat easier for beginners to start earning in this field and invest their money online in a safer way.


This platform also provides you with the possibility to invest in digital currencies, which we will talk about in the next point.

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