Online project ideas that you may not have thought of before

Online project ideas that you may not have thought of before

A project to import natural alternative medicines and sell them online.

The idea relates to three completely safe natural products. These products are used as alternatives to chemical slimming drugs and have recently caused an uproar in the Egyptian and Arab markets.


These products are Matcha tea - Ashwagandha - Moringa tea.


The three products are not only substituting for slimming drugs, but the benefits of each product are so numerous that you cannot imagine, and this means the multiplicity of target groups that your project can target.


You may notice that here I am trying to get you to explore some online project ideas that you may not have think of before.


Personally, I searched a lot for these products inside Egypt, but I did not find them easily, I do not mean that they are not completely available, but what I mean is that they are available with a very limited number of companies.


I imagined that this only happens with me, but when I asked those around me I knew it was really not available that much, there are many consumers searching for them and they cannot find it easily.


There is a golden opportunity for strong business in this industry.


The main idea of the project: import the three products, then create your own site for sale through it.


How do you get the products?


IHerb is one of the best global sites that many consumers around the world buy these products through, whether for personal or commercial consumption. What is unique about this site is that it provides international shipping service to most countries of the world.


Other product group related to the same project:


  • Green coffee beans

  • Quinoa beans

  • Chia seeds

  • Ginger cookies

  • Senna herbal tea

  • Stevia sugar

To this end, we have reached the end of the first part of the Project Ideas Online article, during this part we presented the first ideas in the “tangible” market.

Now we will move on to the second part of service ideas and intangible products:

I hope that you will not be satisfied with reading the first part, there are still more creative ideas worth your time!



A mediator site project between wholesalers and retailers within your geographical scope:


The expansion and growth of markets opened the doors to the power of online project ideas, to give them a unique opportunity to develop the old business models that societies have become familiar with.


Since ancient times, no matter how different the goods and products are, both the retailer and the wholesaler search for each other in the surrounding markets. Today, any retailer anywhere in the world can request the goods he needs from wholesalers to reach him to the door of his house or his company as quickly as possible.


I remember that there are a lot of retailers within my geographical area who are communicating with me in the desire to get quotes for bulk purchase, this happens a lot despite not targeting or working in this market.


Certainly, these traders can go to the major markets to buy from, there they will get the best prices.


But every trader also wants to save time and effort spent on searches, transport, and shipping, as well as to open different trade relations and diversify the sources of obtaining goods.


Business Model of the project: This idea depends on establishing a commercial site, this site represents a link between both wholesalers and retailers within the geographical range in which you live.




Through the site, each trader can offer his products for sale or buy the products he is looking for.


Site profits can depend on commission as a result of every purchase made through your site, or a symbolic monthly subscription.


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What is unique about this project: It is your ability to market it with Offline within the scope of your geographical area, within each region there are many merchants who are looking for other new ways to market their products, and through your project, you will provide them with a great service to get the goods they are looking for within the same region.


Business models for online projects in the same project area:


Yoga Academy Online Education Project.

When I was looking for online lessons to practice minutes of yoga in the morning and found simple free lessons that anyone could practice from home, I also discovered that there are some specialized online courses for practicing and teaching yoga arts of all kinds.


Among the list of ideas of online projects in the field of health is the project of yoga arts education academy, so yoga or as it is called spirit and body sport is one of the distinguished ancient Indian sports that started to spread recently.


Business Model of the project: Partnership with a yoga specialist in order to prepare specialized online courses for those wishing to practice yoga and then market it. You can also partner with a yoga academy.


What is unique about this project: The Arab competition market is still small, and because it is a highly specialized project, this will give you a better opportunity to develop it, and add a lot of services or products that are related to the same project specialization.


Business models for online projects in the same project area:


The Community of Supporting Entrepreneurs and Positive Ideas Project:

This idea may seem unfamiliar to many, and it is also one of the ideas of online projects that I “think personally” implement in the future, God willing.


Let me give you a short break to prepare your favorite drink and then come within moments, to tell you about it through a short story that happened to me several years ago.


Several years ago I went to a two-hour paid workshop, the topic of the workshop was "How to discover your passion and dedicate the right job to you."


This workshop was also a prelude to joining a community that contains a system and a plan of action to help those who want to turn their passion into a project of their own, with an annual subscription.


Participants within this community share some of them over the course of a year with the latest updates of their projects according to a specific system that the lecturer has set, and it is also part of the self-motivation that any entrepreneur needs and unfortunately does not find in his community.


On the way, I took about 3-4 hours until I reached the workshop venue? As for when I arrived, it was my biggest shock when I did not find one new piece of information that I do not know!


I felt very unhappy and frustrated, so I lost another hard day without ever reaching anything until I heard from the lecturer only one sentence that I have not heard before, this sentence was more than a new piece of information to me, as it has made a noticeable difference in my way of thinking since that moment.


Of course, you are now wondering how this story can become an idea from On-Line Projects Ideas series?


Business Model of the project: Depends on creating a virtual business platform, this platform aims to include young people with successful minds who are searching for online project ideas from all countries.


The platform provides its subscribers with all means of professional and psychological support, giving them the opportunity to share their ideas and commercial and social dreams completely.


This platform should provide a variety of subscription packages: weekly/monthly/yearly to suit all target segments.


What is distinctive about this project: that its goal is not only commercial profit, in my view, it is one of the ideas of online projects that inspire and affect the youth of the Arab world.


We all need psychological and professional support and share our thoughts and achievements that we achieve on our journey into the world of entrepreneurship.


Also, this idea will help to meet different cultures of young entrepreneurs from all over the Arab world.


Business models for online projects in the same project specialty:


Mohamed Tohamy: Egyptian entrepreneur and founder of passion to Profit.


A project for selling "money and business" digital books:

E-books or digital books are one of the ways in which the manufacture of paper books has evolved, and today it is a profitable and influential business online.


It is true that unfortunately, frankly, in the Arab world, we still do not maintain a lot of intellectual property rights for writers.


But I think that the presence of some successful online projects platforms whose business model idea relied on the sale of digital books heralds an increased awareness of readers of the importance of preserving the property rights of the authors of these books, by not trading or downloading books that their owners do not allow free circulation.


It is another idea of online projects, which is characterized by a lot of development and keeping pace with modern methods of obtaining knowledge materials, and it certainly makes a lot of profits.

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