Project ideas with small capital from which you can make a good profit

Project ideas with small capital from which you can make a good profit

There are inspiring words and phrases in life that give us a spark of hope in our hearts and arouse in us the enthusiasm of work. Perhaps the words of a group of projects with small capital are one of those inspiring, resonant phrases that young men, men, and women alike are searching for.


When you have a small capital that you collect for months or years and you finally catch your breath, you can hardly believe that the dream is about to see the light.


When you start looking for successful project ideas with small capital, hoping that you will take new steps through it to transform it into medium project ideas.


Project ideas with small capital

Today a new article joins an interesting series of articles called Project Ideas, the series in which winners want to present to their site pioneers and new visitors new, successful ideas in the world of projects and entrepreneurship.


Don't forget to bring your colored pens and white papers to write down every thought whispering in your ears while reading.


Never underestimate your ideas, no matter how small, just as project ideas with small capital weave great dreams and goals, your whispered ideas can do the same to change all aspects of your life for the better.


Now let's start quickly to introduce ideas ...


1- Broast Restaurant Project

Broast chicken is one of the most common foods among young people in Egypt, it is chicken pieces that are fried in a way that makes them crunchy, and with the addition of spices and different types of sauce, it has an irresistible flavor, then, in the end, add to it ketchup and a hot plate of french fries "loved by all" ”


The advantage of the Broast Restaurant project is that you can implement it as a project with low costs, to win from the first day.


This is of course if you work on using high-quality ingredients while cooking the Broast in a delicious manner like a professional, then you pay attention to some simple services that will give a great return, and attract more customers to you.


If you heard about the Zacks Chicken chain in Egypt, you should know that this series was started by a young man with a small shop, with a capital of approximately 15 thousand pounds.


Today, after a very few years, it has become a well-known and famous chain of restaurants, with many branches inside the different cities of Cairo and Giza.


A simple, different idea that fits your business and makes big profits:


The service that I will tell you about here with the rest of the project's success is the idea of cleanliness and arrangement. Although the idea seems simple, easy to implement, and also logical, the ground says the opposite ... Why?


Because many negative reviews that you find on the restaurant pages because of the lack of hygiene and the quality of the dishes themselves.


By making sure that you clean the restaurant in general, as well as cleaning the tools used by employees and "sterilizing" them, many lines are put under this word due to their great importance, your project will achieve good profits in its beginning.


Unfortunately, many restaurants, even large restaurants, do not sterilize the tools used in cooking, because of which many diseases can be transmitted, and alienate customers from going again.


2- Beanbag manufacturing project

Beanbag is a kind of practical and comfortable chair that is manufactured from different types of fabrics, and then stuffed with comfortable fiber grains for the body, and it has spread to the market recently, in different shapes, types, sizes, and colors, and also distinctive.


Because these chairs are easy to transport and clean, so consumers have increased their demand significantly, and because making a beanbag is not very expensive, you can start implementing this project with small capital.


Also, you can implement it either online or offline, in case you want to implement it online, you will need to rent a shop and a small apartment to become a manufacturing workshop and store at the same time.


If you want to implement it online, you can start with renting a small apartment in the beginning to become the workshop and the project management headquarters, and after you learn different ways to manufacture bean bags, you can market the project products in many innovative marketing methods.


A simple, different idea that fits your business and makes big profits:


Here I will show you a different marketing idea to make your project spread quickly, which is marketing your products from Bean Bag to restaurants and cafes, as well as co-working spaces.


Because beanbag chairs are an essential and indispensable piece in these places, it is a comfortable way that many customers prefer, and also a distinctive decorative piece.


You can do it yourself or employ a salesperson, after making a plan in which you specify a group of places that you can start marketing to, and it will become a professional work method if you do a "catalog" through which the bean models that your factory manufactures are displayed, to choose Your customers to include what they want to buy.


3- An electronic store project that sells sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the indispensable accessories for men and women, the purpose of which is not only sun protection, but an elegant piece of accessories that gives the person more appeal, and complements the overall appearance of the clothes he wears.


When I was looking for a small business idea online, I found that a store specializing in selling sunglasses for men and women is a small business idea with small capital and can be implemented with the fewest resources and possibilities.


Yes, all you will need to start implementing the idea is: search for importers of "first hand" glasses to buy a set of sunglasses with different tastes and prices, then do a search for a good photographer to photograph the glasses.


Then you build an online store, and then you start uploading model photos to your store, and then you start making a good marketing plan for your new products.


A simple, different idea that fits your business and makes big profits:


Adding some elegant accessories that link to the same product ... You will be able to make more profits in the same market.


For example, You can add hand made chains, which are one of the most complementary accessories for eyeglasses that appeal to girls and are keen to buy them with glasses.


On the other hand, there are some new models of prescription eyeglasses frames that have recently appeared as a trend among young men and women that you can use as additional profitable products for your project.


4- A small store project to sell children's shoes

Children's shoes of all ages are good products for anyone looking for entrepreneurial ideas with small capital. The reason behind it is that there are so many price categories for shoes.


The idea here is to start your project by renting a store in a popular or medium area, inside an area that has a large population, and in doing so you will be able to save a lot of the costs of establishing the project, in return, you distribute the capital to buy large quantities of shoes.


If you have a capital of only 15 to 20 thousand pounds, then it is a very good amount to start implementing the project, but only if you do not rely on it at the beginning as your primary source of income so that you invest the profits in buying more goods and make advertising and promote the project.


If you decide to devote itself to managing the project, I advise you to look for one of the ways to increase income, in this case, you will achieve a balance between obtaining a good standard of living and investing all the profits of your project in developing it.


A simple, different idea that fits your business and makes big profits:


In popular and medium areas, residents search for lower-priced products, and because you, too, as a small business owner, want to feel profitable quickly.


So here comes the idea of setting a small profit margin in order to sell large quantities of shoes, thus you can achieve a profitable and balanced business relationship between the seller and the buyer


The idea here is not prevalent in the shops where the owners put a large profit margin, and here I do not criticize the idea of setting a large profit margin, so the pricing factors are any product that we cannot summarize in a few lines, at this point, there are a lot of books and folders that were written by marketing experts.


But what I would like to present is a simple practical idea that small business owners can invest without approaching the complexities of scientific pricing, so that their projects do not fall prey to the cases of the economic code that traders recently suffered in the Egyptian market.


If you do not have enough capital at the moment to start your small business, we have a series of project ideas in another article that will help you to start your business without capital, you can access it through the link below.

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