Online project ideas can make you get rich in 2021

Online project idea

If someone had told you twenty years ago about those three words "online project ideas" you would have thought he was hieroglyphic!

Between the past, present, and future, the world is changing, the world is evolving, the world is turning into a more homogeneous and smaller plot, a flowering plot of ideas that flock to it from all sides, it is the ideas of online projects.


If you have arrived here, you are definitely one of:


Entrepreneurs wanting to start their businesses online with little capital.

People who want to start online projects besides their job without the need for full-time.

Girls and women looking for project ideas that can be easily implemented without having to work outside the home a lot.

Students are looking for ways to enter the business field and create their own businesses at an early age.

Online entrepreneurs looking for new and innovative ideas.

Certainly, I will not forget every person who wants to go through a new and exciting experience for his professional life, that helps him out of the comfort zone and routine life, to start a completely new life, a life during which he determines the amount of money he earns and how he makes it.


To all of these and more, the Winners and Business section of the Winners website offers an online project ideas article. This article comes to you in a series of articles entitled "project ideas" in many fields and specialties.


If you are looking for a distinct project idea, be sure to follow up with the winners continuously in the coming period to know all the updates of this series.


Online project ideas

First, let me quickly explain to you the business plan we prepared for an Online Project Ideas article. The article is divided into two parts:


Part 1: 5 Online Project Ideas for Tangible Products.


In every idea of online project ideas for concrete products I will put you:


The basic idea of the project.

One or more ways to get products for your project.

A list of other product groups related to the same project.

Each idea from this list can become an online project idea in its own right so that you can get many ideas on the one hand, and you can integrate other products for your project related to the basic idea of it on the other hand.


Part Two: 5 Online Project Ideas for Intangible Products.


In every idea I will put you:


Business is the main model of the project idea (in its simplest form).

The most important features that distinguish this project.

One or more models for online projects similar to the same project idea, so that I provide you with the opportunity to study successful business models that did not exceed in the past being simple ideas until their owners worked to convert them into successful and profitable online projects.

Are you loud? So let's start showing ideas!


1- A site selling adult coloring books


In the past, we used to treat book and graphics coloring activities as activities intended for children only, but with the increase in mental health awareness in the world, many studies began to indicate the positive impact of these activities on the mental and mental health of adults.


These activities reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress that we all suffer from. They also greatly help to increase concentration, as well as get rid of the burdens and pressures of daily life that we all experience every day.


Not only that, but coloring is one of the therapeutic techniques used by psychiatrists in treating patients since ancient times. Coloring gives the psychological patient an opportunity to vent his pain and helps him to see the positive features of the world by looking at the colors and merging them together.


The main idea of the project: is to create a site through which you sell a variety of coloring books for adults, these books should contain a variety of delightful drawings.


How do you get the products?


Ali Baba site is one of the best global wholesale markets, through which you can communicate with many merchants and get different price quotes, and it connects you to the door of the house.


The link below contains a variety of offers for coloring books on it:


Other product group related to the same project:


All kinds of color boxes (wood / watercolor / pastel / acrylic).

Distinctive frames to put colored graphics inside.

Drawing courses for adults.

Adult drawing tools.

Books about the arts and literature of other peoples.

Offline coloring workshops.

This was the first idea of online project ideas. A pleasant and exciting idea? is not it? Let me know what you think through the comments.


2- A store project for selling baby care products on the Souq website:


The needs of children for every family are basic needs that cannot be ignored, postponed, or dispensed in any way, and because they are children, they need many of their care products.


These products are liquid shower soap - perfumes - wet wipes - diapers - dental cleaning tools - and many other tools and products.


If you are looking for very profitable online project ideas, business-like selling baby care products and tools is a great opportunity to start.


The main idea of the project: Create a store for your products on the website.


To learn the steps to create your own store on the website, enter the following link, then follow the steps according to your country:


Of course, you can create a standalone online store for your project, and sell your products directly to customers.


How do you get the products?


There are many ways to obtain baby care products and tools. I will mention here a slightly different way, which is to go to pharmacies in your area, and ask them to know the best companies that supply children care products and tools for them, and ways to communicate with them.


Pharmacies are always keen to deal with trusted major companies, then contact directly with these companies to know the details of the products and the quotations they provide.


Other product group related to the project:


  • Children's clothing

  • Kids Games

  • Children's shoes

  • Safety tools for children

  • Newborn clothes

  • Baby food

  • Children's sports equipment


3- The project of selling Syrian food on Facebook

The Syrian cuisine, with its different and distinct flavors, is the most prevalent inside Egypt. So, between Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Al-Badia, and the ancient mountains of Syria, a variety of delicious Syrian dishes arrived to us.


These dishes are as follows: Managish, Syrian Shawarma, Syrian Falafel, Sambousek, Touni Bread with Chickpeas.


And because buying takeaway, in general, is one of the most powerful types of business online at the moment, it serves a large segment of consumers who want to save time and effort to prepare food themselves, I chose this idea to join the menu today.


The main idea of the project: selling Syrian food on Facebook groups and the Facebook market.


How do you get the products?

In this idea, I will present to you two different ways in which you can get Syrian food and products, so that you choose the appropriate way to start your project.


The first way:


You bring a menu for a Syrian restaurant located in your residential area, then select some suitable items that your project can start with.


You go to the restaurant and explain your business idea to him, and ask him to get the food your customers want at commercial rates.


Trade price is the price at which merchants purchase products and is less than what is sold to the consumer.


After that, you view these items online through the Facebook group, on which you will find many of your potential customers, as well as the marketplace in the Facebook Marketplace.


Also read: Facebook Profits (Comprehensive Guide 2020)


The advantage of this method is obtaining products from the hands of professionals, as this provides the best experience for the distinct taste, the other advantage is the provision of food production and processing operations.


The second way:


To bring the menu and identify some easy Syrian food classes in the ways to prepare them, learn how to prepare them through YouTube, so that you have your own products.


I advise you in this project to join the groups in your residential area, to start marketing your products inside them at least initially because the process of shipping and delivering foods requires a special handling method that differs from most of the products sold online.


Another group of products related to the same project:


  • Syrian cheese

  • Syrian candy

  • Syrian pastries

  • Syrian drinks

  • Syrian cooking arts courses

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