7 tips for each beginner freelancer (to achieve success and improve return):

17 tips for each beginner freelancer (to achieve success and improve return):

The demand for self-employment is increasing year after year driven by some factors related to employers, freelancers, and the market, and in fact, many young people are attracted to self-employment due to its many advantages such as freedom at the time and place of work, the absence of a boss, work according to passion and love ... etc.


While some choose independent work as a side income source, others choose independent work as a lifestyle and a major source of income. In fact, there are many models that have achieved great success in working as freelancers and thus have quit their jobs.


There are also some models that retreated and could not continue the march, so what is the reason behind the two models? This is what we cover specifically in this article, which provides a series of tips for achieving success and improving the financial returns for independents.


And from my experience in self-employment that exceeded four years ... I can tell you with confidence that the direction of self-employment will make you discover yourself again and how many unknown capabilities you have.


You will know that you can do a lot of business with complete professionalism. All you need is self-confidence and continuous learning with positive and effective communication with clients to achieve huge gains from working in what you really love.


Be careful: do not rush and only browse the titles of the tips, but read the entire topic in focus, because you will find many important ideas and points between the lines, also at the end of the article I will give you a wonderful gift from the winners.


Now let's start showing tips!


Important tips for achieving success and increasing the financial return for independents

1- I understand very well the nature of independent work

Independent work or self-employment means that you have different jobs, tasks, or short-term contracts with a number of companies, websites, and organizations without any long-term contract. In order to be independent, you need skills that people want to pay for.


“Skills people want to pay for” This is a point, despite its simplicity and intuition, but it is extremely important, and it is absent from the minds of many beginners independents, who deal with self-employment as if it is a non-serious way to earn and make a profit from the Internet!


As for you, you have to understand that independent work for the client is no less important than full-time work, so what you offer to business owners is an important part of the success and continuity of their projects, and their achievement of profits.


On the other hand, you need to realize the importance of self-employment for you. It will help you discover your potentials and capabilities over time, and you can also achieve a very good level of profits.


2- What skill do you master? What can you do?

One of the first and basic steps to enter the world of self-employment is knowing the skills you possess, developing, and working on them. The job market is very broad and needs various skills, so any skill you possess can become a new source of income for you.


Decide what you can offer you are worth money for? There are various fields such as writing, graphics, marketing, data entry, giving online training courses, consulting, translation, web design, programming, audio recording, and other services that you can provide remote and transform your passion for an income source.


And the advice that I give you here is specialization and not to be distracted and waste energy in more than one field, it would be more beneficial for you to focus on a specific specialty and become an expert in it and you can create and present it in a professional manner that achieves a higher return for you.


If you have the skill of writing, you can specialize in medical writing, writing for travel and travel sites, writing ads, promotional writing, etc. The same applies to different areas.


3- Take enough time to enter into self-employment

There is no doubt that self-employment is a great source of earning, but in the beginning, it may take you some time, so we advise you that self-employment, in the beginning, is a side business, make sure that you are 100% committed to investing your effort and time in self-employment before you decide to leave your other job.


Consider performing a number of steps while performing your job, and thus have a stable income that helps you jump and succeed in self-employment.


And be prepared for the periods of tidal and root in your business, sometimes you will have a large number of projects to work on, and in other periods you will have fewer projects, than your experience working as an independent will know when the slowdown times and peak times and how to deal with them.




Your side income must increase to at least 50 - 70% of your current total income before leaving your full-time job, depending on your ability to take risks.


There is an advantage that cannot be overlooked when you start working as a freelancer while you are full time; It is that you can refuse to do anything that does not pay you for a good and adequate consideration.


4- Create a portfolio to showcase your business

Many potential clients don't care much about your qualifications compared to your ability to do the job required of you, so they usually want to see samples of your business to determine if you are suitable to work with them.


So building a Portfolio with past projects and business models is very important, and is essential to actually building your business.


You can include the testimonials of the people you worked with. The comments of satisfied customers will help attract new clients. If you do not have a business precedent, you can participate in some of the works for free or create some business for this specific purpose.


And if you want to work with more paying customers then you need to show that you can perform the tasks they need and don't forget to give a free gift when you first start.


5- Marketing yourself and promoting your brand

You must have the marketing skill for yourself as an independent, learn how to talk about yourself and how to provide your services, you do not know where precious opportunities can come from, so it is important that you have a ready-made presentation of a few sentences about yourself and your services, and do not forget that self-confidence An essential factor for success in self-employment.


Also, one of the most important points for your success, Kafri Lancer, is to enhance your name and build a good mental image for customers, and this can be achieved through three points, which are:




You can achieve a positive presence on your social media, choose a good image that expresses your seriousness and distinctiveness.


Create meaningful posts on your social media, especially LinkedIn, let them express you, your personality and ambition, and introduce the audience to the skills you know and the services you provide.




You must perform the business required of you with complete professionalism and high quality that exceeds the ambition of your customers.


Play the expert role:


You can play the role of an expert by writing a book in your field or offering free training courses or give advice through various articles on your own blog or social media.


6- Continuous learning:

The free labor market has become more competitive, so whoever stops at a certain point becomes from the past, you must devote part of your time daily to learning in your field, whether through reading or training courses available online or contact with workers in the same field to learn from their experiences and benefit from various experiences Either successful or failed.


Always remember that people who work as independents and highly trained can get more for their work, and this does not mean that you will never return to academic study but it is enough to take advantage of some of the lessons available online.


7- Time management

Today is 24 hours. This is what happy and unfortunate people, both successful and unsuccessful, possess, but the password that makes one excel while the other stumbles is "organization" so you should learn to organize your time through two points:


Planning and commitment


When we develop a plan for the tasks that we will accomplish tomorrow, this week, this month, and this year, this facilitates us a lot, saves a lot and does not make us waste time, learn to plan your day and put tasks at a specific time to finish them, and stick to what you have planned.


The routine


Who loves routine? Of course, the majority do not like him, but I will tell you now that following a routine to complete tasks will help you a lot, for example, you can limit the number of daily hours of work and for example, from five in the morning until ten, try to stick to this daily routine and you will see the results for yourself, the routine is not always bad.

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