3 steps to open an account with a brokerage company

Stock Market

How do you enter and exit stocks and flee from them?

You will learn how to open a brokerage account so you can buy and sell stocks.

Opening a brokerage account Many people yearn to start investing in, and in this article, I will show you how to convince a brokerage account, and as I said before, opening and financing an account is the fun part, and now, I will accompany you through the steps of opening a brokerage account.


The first step, choose a brokerage company:

The first thing you should do is choose a brokerage firm. This is an important escape because if you choose the wrong company, this can cost you money in unnecessary fees, commissions, and execution of poor quality orders.

There are three types of brokerage companies you will find explained in detail in an article

  • Types of brokerage firms

  • Online brokerage firms

  • Full-service brokerage firms are accessories to get expensive fees


The second step is to open an account on the Internet

After you choose a brokerage company that works through the Internet, you can go to the company yourself (if it has local offices or contacts them by phone or via the Internet, the company will send you registration papers by e-mail or regular mail if you request that. You can also: Register by phone and sign the forms electronically.

Everyone wants to know how much it takes to get started. You can open our account on the Internet with a brokerage company that works through the Internet for no more than a few hundred dollars, but some companies 

require a minimum of 2000 dollars, call and inquire about the minimum required.


After registration, write a check to fund the account. You may also need to fill out a questionnaire asking you about his investment experience and the degree of risk tolerance. Don't worry about your answers; It is not a test, and it is not used in anything in reality, after you make your first investment, the questionnaire is archived and may never be viewed again).

The check you sent to the brokerage company is usually placed in a cash account, which is similar to a savings account (and may also be a money market account). After you are funded, serious business begins. Although buying and selling stocks is easy, making a profit is hard work. If you have not invested in the stock market before, there is no need to rush, for the time being, the most important thing is to know the market, and the stock market will remain when you are ready to invest in it.

When we open an account, you will be asked whether you have an account, margin, or account, cash. With a margin account, you can borrow money from your brokerage firm, which is the investment that gives you additional money in the same stock (or in a different share).




Typically, the brokerage firm disables the margin rate of 2 to 1. For example, if you have 2500 dollars in your account to purchase shares of XYZ, the brokerage firm will loan you an additional amount of 2500; This allows me to invest a total amount of up to $ 3. However, you will bear an interest rate in competition for the 2500 dollar you borrowed.

The margin advantage is that you use the money of the brokerage firm to make more money and this investment is called leverage). The borrowing brings great fruits if the value of investments increases, and on the other hand, if the value of your investment portfolio declines, you will not only lose some of your original or all of your investments (and this is painful enough), but you will also be lending money to the company with the money you borrowed, in the stock market the shares fall Faster than it rises; Hence, the margin is an additional risk, relative to investors.


If your stocks fell a lot while you were trading margin trades, you may receive a dreaded margin coverage request. The broker will call you and ask you to provide more cash or shares. If it does not move fast enough, the broker has the right to sell some of the securities until the margin ratio reaches the appropriate level (usually 1% or more).

Most people do not have the knowledge or the discipline to properly handle margin. That is why I think you should avoid it. Margin, in my opinion, is a risky tactic that is best left to expert speculators. Invest in what you can afford without borrowing. If you don't follow this advice, you'll know what I mean after you receive your first margin call.


Step Three: Understanding stock quotes

Are you ready to enjoy it? Say you filled out the required documents and opened an account with an online broker. The starting balance is 2500 and is securely in a cash account. You are now sitting in front of your computer and ready to trade, and the first thing you should do is know how to read the share's quotation.

The stock's price is simply the current share price. Figure 4-1 provides an example of a detailed share price. It includes basic information such as the stock symbol contained in the price bar, the best price to buy and sell, the trading volume and the last trading process, and it also includes details such as outstanding shares, market value, highest and lowest stock prices in the last 52 weeks, the last due date and the date of payment of distributed dividends (if any. ) And share price performance within one year.

Where do you find the stock price?


The advantages and disadvantages of online brokerages and brokers


Internet brokerage firms, which were called commission brokers, are ideal companies for independent investors and speculators. Investing online or trading online means simply that you enter orders to buy or sell online from your computer or mobile device. You can also invest in mutual funds, ETFs, and fixed income products.


The importance of mutual funds


ETFs are a good addition to your investment portfolio, but with regards to maximizing the investment portfolio, there is still a need for mutual funds, that is, the need for diversification factor again.

ETFs are designed to reflect a market or an index. On the other hand, mutual funds can do this, thereby increasing your chances of earning excellent returns in the future.

It has proven that combining positive and negative investment portfolio management methods together generates better results in the long run according to what institutions do together. It generates better results in the long run, according to what large institutions do.

But this does not mean that all mutual funds have the same benefits. Hence, as is the case with the trading fund, you have to make a careful choice between the options presented and choose from them.


How to choose a competent fund manager

When choosing an investment strategy that does not focus too much on any company with an investment fund, instead focus your attention on the manager of the investment fund in the company and record its accomplishments over 10 years if possible. Moreover, the performance of the investment fund does not depend on the name of its parent company but rather depends The fund manager must be very adept at investing. If he can understand the nature of the market, its conditions, and its nuances, he will take the right steps and the fund will perform well. If the manager is not fully aware of the market situation, the fund will register a level of growth lower than planned. A seasoned investor says that I don't care about the company in which a fund manager works, whether it is Vanguard, Oppenheimer, Strong, Merrill, or others, but my primary concern is the personality of the manager and his accomplishments.


The advantages of online brokerage firms

  • The fame: The best online brokerages have a world-wide reputation.

  • Work 24/7: They have a 24-hour help desk to answer any questions.


Offers and discounts

Reliable online brokerage firms offer secure, easy-to-browse sites, ongoing and real-time offers, prices, and registration bonuses.


Low costs and commission

Low costs and commission are competitive (usually less than $ 10 per trade), and whenever you sell or buy a stock, this will cost you a commission.


Commissions in the past may cost 200 dollars or more per trade depending on the size of the request) which depleted your profits, but the Internet and trading through it reduced the costs of Wall Street forever, and after many brokerage firms became online, the competition increased Commission decreased. Instead of relying on a stockbroker to place your orders, you can trade online from home or while traveling.


Answer questions and inquiries

Fortunately, most brokerage firms have representatives who answer your questions and guide you through their screens. As long as you decide to buy and sell, many companies that work through the Internet will definitely meet your needs.


Teaching Aids

Reliable companies that work through the Internet provide educational resources such as articles, training courses, educational videos, books, and seminars held through the Internet and information on investment and trading strategies, and also provide research accompanied by sophisticated charts and trading warnings and screens adjustable according to the needs of the client and applications that show profit and loss can be Download it to your mobile phone or computer.


Disadvantages of trading brokers

The downside of opening up according to a network of brokers operating through the Internet is that companies that operate through the Internet rarely provide investment-related advice or do not provide advice at all.


If you feel that you need investment advice or if you have an investment portfolio that is difficult to manage, the broker who works through the Internet may not be suitable for you then you should seek the help of a financial advisor for that.


Where can you find a current list of the best online brokerage firms?

Go to any search engine and type: "arrangement of online brokerage firms" followed by the current year, a list of articles from independent sources such as Smricart Money or Barruris will appear.

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