The 4 most powerful sources of investing money online

The 4 most powerful sources of investing money online

Having money is with you, this is great, but to have enough experience to manage these funds, this is the most important thing, and managing money does not mean going to the bank and keeping that money and waiting for the interest of 1% or 2%, of course, this is one of the safe investment methods, but I want to tell you These profits are very small if compared to other investment methods, especially unconventional methods such as investing money online with high-profit rates that are associated with trading commodities, money and precious materials such as oil and others, but because these types of investments are linked to a market that may be marred by fluctuation, it is considered one of the methods That involves some risks but can be avoided, but this is due to your skill, constant learning, and learning from the mistakes that you may make while you are on your way.


Tips to avoid the risk of investing money online

As I mentioned previously, investing online may be marred by some risks that can be avoided by some tactics. First, do not put all eggs in one basket, that is, do not put all your money into one investment portfolio.


Secondly, apply the A / B test, i.e. choose more than one way to invest, and then finance each portfolio of those portfolios with a small amount for the experiment. After a specific period, end this test and compare it with them after that. Choose one or two of the most successful and profitable methods from your point of view. , But this does not mean that you are cautious even after reaching more than one successful method. Continue to fund those portfolios more than once and each time you can raise the value of the amount by 5 or 10% until you reach a complete mask that those investment portfolios are the most appropriate for you,


Third, if you are one of those who prefer to take profits, but slowly, you can do the following: invest an amount of money, let it be 1000 dollars, you won 200 dollars, withdraw the original amount, and invest the 200 dollars again, and after achieving the profit, reinvest this amount with the profits, and this will keep you away from taking adventures It means that you will only be taking a one-time adventure, which is your first time.


Useful quote


It is important to try new things, and take risks, as difficult things do not have much competition. If you succeed, you will achieve an unprecedented achievement, and if you fail you will have learned what no one else has learned, but big things always stand behind courageous decisions. Sandar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc.


What are the best ways to invest money online?

As noted by the Internet, it is a wide network, and it is like a sea that a skilled hunter can benefit from his goods. Hence, I can tell you that there are many ways to invest money online, but I will tell you the most important and most widespread



Forex is a global stock exchange for trading currencies, metals, stocks, and valuable raw materials on the Internet. The value of trading in the Forex market is more than 4 trillion per day. The idea of Forex is simply to buy and sell, that is, you buy currencies, metals or raw materials when the price is low and then sell them when it rises Its price and the Forex stock market are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week except for Saturday and Sunday only all that is required is that you have a mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet with good speed and a real or demo Forex account and the difference between the demo account is for beginners in order to train any trading operations What arises in it are unrealistic trading operations with no profit or loss in them and the real account is the trading account that enters you to the market and it is necessary to finance this account with an amount of money and returns in determining the minimum deposit for the intermediary forex company, there are many forex companies in the Arab market, including what they provide You have Islamic Forex accounts free of interest and usurious loans.

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You may have heard about cryptocurrencies, among them the famous bitcoin currency, but you do not know much about it, the term cryptocurrencies appeared beginning in the year 2009 after the invention of the bitcoin coin and this market has grown significantly after some countries allowed it to be traded legally and the price of bitcoin coin and its similar cryptocurrency are related Like Light Queen and Ethereum in terms of supply and demand, and despite the seriousness of this type of investment, it is highly profitable due to the fluctuation of the price. For example, you may now buy $ 100 bitcoin, and moments later the price increases by 10%, and your portfolio enters $ 10 profit, and here I would like to tell you the story of the first person He used bitcoin currency. The story started when one of the programmers went to his friends who were with him in a forum dedicated to Bitcoin discussions and asked for two units of pizza and payment via bitcoin. The price was set at 10,000 bitcoin currency and he was aiming to use bitcoin as a currency like a dollar can be bought with food, and after a day has passed A full British user agreed and made the deal, and this is the first real trading operation against Bitcoin. The value of this deal is estimated to be 10,000 Bitcoin, equivalent to Its value at the present time $ 84,920,000.00, equivalent to 318,509,444.00 SAR


How can I buy, store, or trade Bitcoin currency?

After the Bitcoin currency created a special market for cryptocurrencies, multiple currencies were established, and with it, special platforms were established for circulation. Others, such as paying by hand or by bank transfer.

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Investing in e-commerce

E-commerce, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region, is considered one of the most developed areas with more than 5% this year. It is expected that you will grow more in the coming years and it is considered one of the low-risk investment methods. Despite that, e-commerce in the Arab region is still in its infancy, meaning that the competition limits in it have not reached the fiercest stage, so having an online store early on is such a great time, even if you start small, know that you will find a place for you in the future. But of course, this field needs special skills, such as having knowledge of who will compete and which of the products you consider competition to be weak and some experience in the field of e-marketing. The GCC markets are considered one of the most developed. So if you can deliver your products to this region, then surely it will be very beneficial to you. And by using some methods, you can create your online store easily and there are several platforms that provide you with that, as it saves you from carrying out many tasks for a monthly fee starting from $ 9 and the most popular one in this field is the Shopify platform and the Arabic Expandcart platform that allows you to create your store with ease This provides you with a package of tools that help you to activate your store with benefits such as receiving financial payments from customers through several means and other benefits,


Can I invest in e-commerce without cost?

Yes, you can if you want to start without paying a lot of money first, choose a special and distinctive name for your store for example “Saudi Shop” Secondly go to social media platforms and create a number of 1 page in the name of your store on Facebook 1 group and 1 account on Instagram And 1 account on Twitter, thirdly, you cannot specify what type of products you want to sell, then buy two or three pieces of a variety of product categories such as fashion, accessories, cosmetics, care, auto accessories, and so forth Fourth after you have purchased a number of products for more than one category Different offer them for sale on those pages and groups and then promote them everywhere by using the different hashtags Fifth, after you have promoted those products do a statistic to see the best-selling products and thus you can determine what type of products you can focus sales efforts on and from Then buy quantities from them to sell them, but you can also notice important factors such as occasions, as there are some products that are popular in occasions such as Mother's Day. Products such as kitchen appliances and home appliances are popular in such timing. You can carefully choose your products away from seasonal offers so that your sales percentage is fixed throughout the year.

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Buying and selling domain names online

The domain name or the DOMAIN is the name that distinguishes each site. For example, the domain name of our site is In order for it to be like this, we went to a special platform to sell the domains and after the search, we bought this name, and the prices vary between one domain name and another according to the category that belongs To this name, for example, you want to create a website that talks about investment, and then you search for a new domain name for a site using the term Investment. You will notice that the first search results for this domain name are and next to it is 35 dollars, but you were not convinced that this name is the most appropriate to Your site then switched to another name, but after two years I wanted to transfer your site to a new domain name and then I searched for a domain name that contains the phrase Investment and after the search, the following result appeared to you and next to it $ 10,000, what if you had bought this domain name Two years ago, then selling it to a company, of course, the profit will be very large, so this is the investment in the domain names of the sites. You can only choose more than one domain name that you see is distinct and reserve it for two or three years, then sell it at a higher price after That, and this type of investment requires some from the foresight and prediction of the future and knowing what are the most important areas that you can buy domain names belong to it so for example what if you have purchased a domain name like FACEBOOK and after two years I found a company that directs you and asks you to buy this name at a price My imagination, in day and night, you find yourself wealthy, so is the domain of selling domain names, so it is based on seizing opportunities.


How can I buy domain names

There are thousands of platforms that provide you with that, and there are some of them that provide you with the ability to purchase at discounted prices, and the most popular ones in this field are the following platforms


  • Namecheap



  • Godaddy


End of the article:

And those were some of the various ways to invest your money online, among them are long-term and short-term methods with high return and other with the average return, in the end, I hope we have added to the treasury of your information and we were able to reach your desired aspirations. Sincerely greeted and respected.

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