Oil Prices, The Constant Changes In Demand And The Benefits That Come With It.

The oil market is facing unprecedented times. The Covid-19 spread is majorly the factor for this occurrence. It has seen the prices of oil in the U.S market fall to a negative. You may ask yourself what this means. This means that oil producers are now paying buyers to take the oil off their hands. How tables have turned! This has never happened in history and is mainly attributed to the rise in supply without a corresponding increase in demand. This has been occasioned by the lockdown experienced in many parts of the world. This has seen oil producers renting tankers to store this excess supply and thus the prices have fallen from an initial high to an all-time low of negative $37.63 a barrel.

Oil prices chart

Source Bloomberg.com


 Market dynamics are however different all over the world, and some markets have not been affected as much. These are mostly those that import oil, and their prices have mostly been constant. This has thus seen many oil producers resorting to cutting down their production by over 10 percent in a bid to reduce the supply. It is anticipated that the prices will pick up from June to July. These prices have however been very favorable to those on the road, particularly truck drivers. Many firms have also come out to offer great discounts to their customers. It has thus enabled them to make big savings. These are some of them, and why you should head there immediately.


1: Valvoline Oil Exchange Coupon.


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2: Jiffy Lube oil change coupon.


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3: Young Living essential oils.


For centuries, essential oils have enhanced the living standard of people. They have offered numerous benefits from cosmetic to dietary solutions. This ancient tradition has been a great addition to modern life and through the healing brought about by these oils, it is vital to get yourself a bottle. This will make an addition of nature’s pure glow into your life and make it even better.

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