Forex Education PDF books and free courses

Forex Education PDF books and free courses

The word "Forex" refers to the foreign exchange market or the global foreign exchange market, which is an abbreviation of the economic term from the "foreign exchange market", meaning "the foreign exchange market", a market that spans all parts of the world where currencies are spent by several participants, Such as international banks, international institutions, financial markets, and individual traders.

Learn Forex, learning courses and books, learn Forex and Stock Exchange for free

Perhaps Forex is one of the most important and largest sources of most profitable in the world and we find that many in our Arab world only hear about this word and go without knowing what is forex and what is the correct way to enter this field and profit through the huge money, money The pain! Yes, the big money is for those who do not know what is Forex. Forex is the largest financial market in the world and it is a global stock exchange for trading on global currency pairs via the Internet. According to estimates by financial analysts, the volume of trading in this field reaches more than 3 trillion dollars, or 30,000. One billion dollars, and thus classifies Forex as the largest financial market in the world. Given this tremendous volume of trading, many who do not have complete knowledge of Forex believe that Forex is only a field that can only be accessed by specific people with specific economic expertise and competencies, no. This concept is not accurate at all, so Forex is not so difficult that some think, yes, before entering this great field you have to learn well, but I do not tell you you must have the expertise of John Murphy, but what is the objection if you have enough insistence so you can achieve this and that, of course, will return you to achieve more profits in a short time. To learn Forex, you must read more books in addition to getting paid or free training courses. Of course, there are many sites on the Internet that provide you with many of Forex learning books and educational courses are free and paid as well, but we find that they are very much directed at those who have already learned Forex but want to strengthen their experiences. Some are asking what to do now. I am a beginner and want to learn Forex? Whether you are a beginner or a person who wants to strengthen their expertise, do not worry, we are aware of what you want so we have completely dedicated this topic to you and through which we will provide you with the best training courses for learning Forex provided by various forex companies for free in addition to a set of books forex learning for beginners For those who want to strengthen their experiences, follow us carefully


1: Forex learning course from start to professional

Forex learning course from start to professional is a course provided by NSFX for Forex trading and it is a course offered completely free of charge, the course contains a set of lessons and seminars pictured for beginners and advanced + Forex learning books in PDF format + articles and educational materials written on Forex + Just enrolling in this course, you will get an expert personal trainer accompanying you from the beginning to the end. This course is characterized by that it allows you to learn and experimental application whereby participating you will get a demo account for trading and this gives you an opportunity to experience everything you learned without losing any money, as you can After that move to real trading and experience the experience of trading and profit significantly.


2: Technical Analysis Book for Financial Markets

The technical analysis book for the financial markets of the analyst writer John Murphy translated into Arabic This book is one of the most famous books on technical analysis in the world, the book consists of 19 chapters each chapter is presented in a specific term that includes all its aspects and what falls under it from the terms in the same context.


3: Forex Education for Beginners

Forex Education for Beginners A comprehensive book that contains most of the terms and concepts circulating in the Forex world and discusses it in a simplified and smooth manner, the book consists of 3 parts, each part includes several terms and each term is discussed individually and comprehensively.

4: Forex book step by step

Forex book, step by step, is an Arabic book, and it is one of the most important books for teaching Forex trading. The book is interested in explaining the currency market in an easy and simple way and is considered the most important book specialized in the field of currency markets. And that's what the book covers and covers all aspects of the market and its levels from scratch to professionalism The book is paid, but we offer you completely free of charge.


5: Forextime Forex Learning Course from scratch

A free course offered by Forextime Trading Company This course contains a collection of books, articles, videos and episodes for learning Forex from A To Z This rich course includes a comprehensive dictionary of all Forex terms, lessons on trading methods and analysis, and also includes lessons about MetaTrader 5 and 4 automated trading methods are all in a smooth and streamlined framework.


6: The Japanese Candles Craftsmanship

Japanese Candlestick ingenuity book by Steve Neeson translated into Arabic, and as stated in the introduction to the book, the first part of the book discusses and reveals the basics, reading and interpretation of the meanings of more than fifty lines of candle maps and patterns, while the second part of the book explains the harmony of maps Candles with western technical analysis techniques is the point at which the true strength of the candles appears.


7: The book of technical analysis of financial markets, by Abdul Majeed Al Muhailimi

The book of technical analysis for financial markets, the author of this book reviews Mr. Abdul Majeed Al Muhailmi, the foundations of technical analysis of financial markets. The book is characterized by a smooth handling of the basic concepts of financial market analysis that both institutions and traders need beginners or professionals as the author provides several theories and practical applications to understand the principles of technical analysis For financial markets and price trends in financial markets, and this book is a comprehensive guide for everyone interested in profit from speculation and investment, the book consists of 4 sections the author addresses in the first chapter of this book for wide discussions of several concepts such as investment and dealing in stock exchanges and the philosophy of technical analysis and The psychological value of technical analysis and the psychology of dealers, as the writer touches on a set of other concepts in the three remaining chapters, a book praised by senior financial experts in the Arab world for the vast amount of rich information this book contains that deserves to be seized | Download the book now for free


8: Forex secrets, stock currencies, futures contracts

In this book, Forex secrets, currencies, stocks, futures contracts, writer Raed Mahmoud Abu Tarbush discusses several concepts in a simple and straightforward manner, and this is in 5 sections of each of these sections in which the writer discusses a specific concept or a specific idea so for example in the first section it reviews for you The writer The history of the stock exchange's emergence and the circumstances that led to that, and in the second chapter it sheds a comprehensive light on the forex and its secrets, how the forex appeared, how the idea came from, where do you start and in the third chapter, we find that the writer has been devoted entirely to discussing economic indicators and an extension for that has been devoted Writer Chapter Four In order to discuss and put forward all the details related to inferential analyzes and risk management rules, the book is composed of 208 pages and published in the year 2008 | Buy the book in hard copy


9: Forex foreign exchange market

Forex book Foreign currency market for the author Shami Ahmed Al Hamoudi, the author in this book tries to provide you with honest information about this market, positive and negative ... You will find how this very attractive market and also contains a great deal of risk ... The book also shows how to deal With the market and avoid those risks in order to maintain the appropriate profit. The book was published in 2013 and is composed of 167 pages Buy the book in hard copy

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