The best and most important PPV advertising companies in 2020 (your trusted guide):

PPV advertising companies

There are many sources of getting visitors in the internet world, and some of these sources are somewhat linked to a specific type of marketing. Among the famous links in the world of business online; Affiliate link or commission marketing and PPV advertising company visitors.


In a previous article, I covered the most important aspects and important points of PPV ads, which served as a comprehensive and detailed guide on everything related to this type of visitor or this type of ads (I strongly advise you to return to it through the link below).


In this article we will address a list of the most important and best PPV advertising companies, we will deal with details about each company and the most important features and information about it, and what it provides from advertising forms, and a lot of other important information, which will help you a lot in choosing the right company for you.


The best PPV advertising companies in 2020

1- PopAds

PopAds is a company that specializes primarily in rear windows and is the undisputed whale of the world of rear windows. BobAds is a mediator between advertisers and publishers, as it gives website owners the opportunity to subscribe to them as publishers (through ad codes that display back windows for visitors to common sites), and thus shares with publishers part of the advertising revenue.


On the other hand, it gives advertisers the opportunity to sign up and purchase popups to market anything (such as affiliate offers or product marketing).


Here are the most important points and features of PopAds:


PopAds is distinguished by its high-quality visitors, and it puts quality first.

It has an excellent and fast support system and team in case you encounter any problem.

It is very famous in the market, as it is the traditional choice for many marketers.

The ranking of the previous point is characterized by the highest level of competition among marketers.

Ranking on the previous point, the cost of advertising may be higher than other companies.

They have a very flexible system of advertising pricing.

You can always recover your remaining account when your account is closed.

The most important payment methods: PayPal, and bank transfer (and you can at any time withdraw the balance remaining in your account).

The minimum prepayment is only $ 10.


2- ExoClick

One of the whales of advertising companies in general, whose ads appear on the web 7 billion times every day. Aksu Click provides nearly twenty different ad formats, including back window ads.


This company is distinguished by the quality of its visitors, and their large number that spreads around the world through the group of large publishing sites that work with it, which exceeds 65 thousand sites.


Here are the most important points and features of ExoClick:


It is characterized by its powerful system that allows advertisers the ability to do results analysis and tracking with the most famous advertising campaign tracking software and services.

It is absolutely the best regarding targeting, as it enables you as an advertiser to make very accurate targeting based on many and many visitor characteristics such as: targeting specific sites from publishers ’sites, targeting based on the timing of the advertisement appearing, targeting according to the operating system, or the type of device used, And many other targeting characteristics.

It offers a wide range of ad templates, including banner ads, video ads (lots of templates), Native ads, email ads, and many other forms and shapes.

It provides many tools that help the user to succeed.

One of the most important methods of payment is Paypal and bank transfer.

The minimum prepayment is $ 200 in the case of Paypal and $ 500 in the case of bank transfer.


3- PopCash

BobCash is one of the giant companies that specialize in window ads, and it is very similar to the BobAds that we covered at the beginning of the list.


Bob Cache is one of the giants and heavyweight pop advertising ads in the market, it has a long history in the world of PPV advertising, it started since 2012, and until now it continues and thrives as one of the most important and best PPV advertising companies.


Here are the most important points and features of PopCash:


One of the companies that are famous for having a visitor base that covers almost all countries of the world.

It has a tremendous number of visitors, approaching one billion visitors per month, and has 50,000 websites spread worldwide.

Your ad campaign will be approved within one hour.

It has a good support system and they offer support via live chat via Skype.

They have a good targeting system compared to many other companies.

It has many payment methods, mainly Paypal and bank transfer.

The minimum prepayment is only $ 5.


4- Propel Media

Propel Media is one of the most important and best PPV companies, it was known in the past as Trafficvance, and for those who do not know the name Traffic Traffic, this name has a very large weight and weight, and therefore it is one of the companies that is difficult to subscribe and open an account with.


Here are the most important points and features of Propel Media:


If you would like to have quality visitors from the United States, this company is the best option.

This company relies on advanced targeting technology (Intent-based Technology), it shows your ad in the ideal time in front of the user, so that he is ready to interact with him.

This company has an exclusive visitor base.

This company provides three basic forms of ads, namely, Lightbox (a user-friendly advertisement window), Push Ad, and New Tab (a popup appears in a new tab in front of the user).

One of the most important payment methods that you provide is credit cards.

The minimum prepaid payment for this company is $ 500, and it does not accept all advertisers who register.


5- PropellerAds

Fifth in our list today is PropellerAds, which has a visitor base of over a billion users and has plenty of templates for your ad to appear.


Here are the most important points and features of PropellerAds:


This company has a robust and automated system to optimize ad campaigns in order to get the best conversion rate possible.

It has a strong system to check visitors and their quality in order to prevent fake visitors.

It has four ad formats: Popunder, push, Native, and advertising windows that cover mobile content (Native Interstitials).

It has a great educational and training base for advertisers, which contains case studies, training courses, and educational articles.

It has many accepted payment methods including credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfer.

The minimum amount to open an account and pre-pay is $ 100 for credit cards, Paypal, and $ 1,000 for bank transfer.


6- BidVertiser

One of the companies that have a huge volume of visitors has been on the market since 2003, and it raises the slogan of quality and the advertisers get the best results from their advertising campaigns.


Here are BidVertiser's most important points and features:


One of the most important points of this company is that it always works to classify its visitors so that it shows the appropriate advertisement for the right user in an accurate manner.

It provides advertisers with a lot of analytical information to make campaign improvements and automates optimization of ad campaigns for their advertisers.

Many ad templates are available, among which the most important are: rear windows, Native, notifications visitors.

It has visitors in more than 190 different countries.

The main payment methods available are Paypal and bank account.

The minimum prepaid and account opening limit is $ 100.


7- EroAdvertising

EroAdvertising is the seventh company that we will talk about today in our list of the most important and best PPV advertising companies, a company that has an easy-to-use interface, and has multiple models and different ads.


Here are the most important points and features of EroAdvertising:


This company has a large number of mobile and tablet visitors.

It has 4 different ad formats, chiefly pop-ups and banner ads.

This company specializes in Adult visitors, so it is only suitable for anyone who wants to target this type of visitor.

Its visitor network covers 190 different countries.

Payments accepted by Paypal, credit cards, and bank transfer.

The minimum prepayment is $ 50.


8- HilltopAds

One of the companies that boast flexible solutions for advertisers, including pay-per-view advertisements (CPA).


Here are the most important points and features of HilltopAds:


Among the companies that have a strong support system to help their advertisers.

It has lots of ad formats, on top of which are Pops and Banners.

It has a lot of advanced targeting options, including re-targeting the same visitors as a previous ad campaign.

This company has lower prices than many other companies.

Accept payment by Paypal and bank transfer.

The minimum account opening and prepayment are $ 200.

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