What is the difference between B2B and B2C in marketing?

What is the difference between B2B and B2C in marketing?

As long as you are here looking for what is the difference between B2B and B2C in Marketing; This means that you want to professionalize the principles of digital marketing and want to outperform other marketers.


It is not just a matter of knowing that B2B means (Business to Business) i.e. (Business directs its products or services to other business types) and B2C means Business to consumer (i.e. Business directs its products or services to the consumer directly).


Indeed, there are many differences between the two terms and the consequent changes in the marketing strategy that depends in your field.


This is what I will make you able to do, God willing, at the end of this guide, in which you will find the following:


  • What is the importance of knowing the difference between B2B and B2C in marketing?

  • How the brand-building process differs between business owners and ordinary consumers.

  • How to search for the customers that you target smartly.

  • How to address audiences with ads that suit them in the case of B2B and B2C.

  • The important platforms and tools that you should rely on in marketing in both cases.

  • Also, you will find me refer to a lot of evidence and information that will help you to reach your marketing goals easily, as you will find me giving you many practical examples until everything is clear to you, as this is our habit in the winners.


In order to be able to market your services and products ... you must know very well who the person you are promoting is, what are its goals, and what are the problems facing it.


This is the secret behind the success of any professional marketer, and the more you deepen, the more you discover the best marketing strategies that you must follow in order to achieve your goals as soon as possible.


Let me give you an example so that the image becomes clearer to you, so suppose you have an apparel manufacturer for women and want to market your products, so what do you think will promote these products?


Will it be promoted directly to women and girls?

Or will you go to the owners of the shops and stores to show them your products while they are sponsoring their promotion to people?

If you choose the first answer, this means that you will be interested in the following:


How will you directly promote customers, by owning a store or social media and the Internet in general?

How do you do marketing, will you rely on ads or through influencer marketing?

How would you write a copy of the ads to persuade women of the clothes you manufacture?

If you choose the second answer, this means that you will be interested in the following:


How will you search for the owners of shops and electronic stores to promote clothes?

How will you convince them that your products suit them (quality-price - colors - quantity - payment method)?

How will you deliver your products to them?

If you look carefully at the two cases, you will find that the fundamental difference depends on how the customer convinced of the product. If you want to sell a piece of clothing to a girl or a mother, you have to convince her in a way that differs from the shop owners.


Shop owners are not as interested in fashion and new trends as ordinary consumers as they are about the sizes and colors available in every design, and the price and method of payment with which they will deal with you.



The ladies clothes we were talking about are an example of this, during design and manufacture you consider store owners, as well as ladies and girls who use the finished product.


This is in contrast to, for example, if you are making a machine that you sell to factory and workshop owners, you will only focus on them and their goals and how you can help and satisfy them.


I think you've built a fair picture of the difference between B2B and B2C, and what this will entail in the marketing process, let's now dive deeper into it until you get the full picture.


How to build a brand

One of the most important marketing goals since ancient times is building a brand, that people talk about your products and services, this means that you have achieved success and have reached a good position in the market.


But the process of building a brand varies depending on the audience you target. If you are marketing to the average consumer and want to strengthen your brand in his eyes, this means that you will need:


Provide a more than wonderful user experience.

Addressing the public on all possible platforms in every way (Social Media - Advertisements in the streets - Advertisements with influences).

Talk to the audience in a modern style that suits them.

Having your own nature can make you different from other bonds.

If you target business owners themselves, the matter will be completely different, because then you will be interested in the following:


Build relationships with business owners.

Maintenance or after-sales service at the highest level.

Continuous communication with business owners to ensure the quality of your products and services.

Let me present to you a practical example, Coca-Cola International, of course, I saw the recent advertising campaigns, which have been a huge success among consumers and helped to strengthen Brand Coca-Cola more.


Yet, what did Coca-Cola do with storekeepers, did it address them with advertisements? Of course not, but rather, it posted its representatives to the shop owners to know their requests and also their problems.


Or maybe, it conveyed some unconditional presents to its old clients (fridges - free items - absolved them from certain portions)so that old and new customers would be interested in the new marketing campaign.


This is the difference between B2C and B2B in how to build a brand, just as consumers will share ads and competitions that Coca-Cola is doing on social media among their acquaintances.


Store owners will also pass on company news among themselves and the company will gain new customers in both cases. This is the strength of the brand and how it affects the marketing process.


How to find and target an audience

One of the most important differences between B2B and B2C in the marketing process is the process of finding the target audience for the product, and after that comes the stage of understanding this audience and understanding its problems.


Find the audience in the B2B case

When looking for an audience of business owners, you should specialize or search for a specific Niche (field), preferably if this field is small.


Let's continue on the same example as the clothing operator, which we mentioned earlier, when looking for customers you have to be very specific so that you find the customers who meet them the following characteristics:


The shops that are near you.

The shops that deal in bulk.

Electronic stores are interested in the quality of clothes they offer and have a presence on Social Media.

This is unlike your products themselves, so you have to specialize in one or two products (lingerie - long dresses - abayas - sleepwear) at the beginning of the search process so that you can choose your customers accurately.


The more you specialize and find yourself (Niche), it will make the search process easier, and you will also avoid a lot of competition, especially if the brand you are promoting is somewhat new in the market.


There are a lot of tools that can assist you in the search process such as:


  • Search on google maps.

  • Search on the archiving sites for each field.

  • Search for keywords using the (Keywords planner) tool and the like.

  • The search is on LinkedIn, which brings together many professionals in almost all fields.

Then, you should look for problems that these customers may encounter in order to provide solutions such as:


Cost and method of payment.

Will using your products or services compel business owners to change anything in the production process?

How long will a business owner need to start relying on your services or products?

Will the business owner need to train employees on anything new?

Are there any obstacles in the process of maintenance or service renewal?

This way you will find yourself in front of a long list of clients that you can target, and this will make the communication process simpler, then you will know if you need to communicate directly or perhaps rely on ads for targeting.


Of course, it depends on your type of business, the field in which you work, and the marketing budget that you depend on.


Audience search in the B2C case

Here it is a lot different, when you deal with the average consumer you must understand his feelings, how he expresses these feelings, and how you can address him with his style.


It is true that the business owner and the average consumer have common general goals such as:


Achieve comfort and luxury


Saving Money

However, the average consumer expresses his desires and problems in a different way, and this makes the way to search for and target new customers differently, and this makes you need:


Using search tools on social media, especially Facebook.

Rely on analysis and data collection tools such as Google Analytics.

Ensure the quality of the landing pages that you depend on and that it addresses the customer with his style.

Use keyword search tools and spying on various sites like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Searching for gathering places such as Facebook groups - forums.

Direct customer reviews.

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