Social Media Marketing 2020 guide

Social Media Marketing 2020 guide

The golden rule of marketing is to place the product or service in front of whoever wants it in time, and according to the latest statistics, the population of this planet reached 7.7 billion people at the beginning of 2019.


Do you know that 42% of the total of this number - nearly 3.2 billion people - use social media almost daily all over the world.


For this, social media marketing has become an imperative for any marketer or business owner, whatever the type of products or services provided and in any field or industry.


Social media marketing is the creation of content appropriate for every website (such as Facebook - Instagram - YouTube) in order to promote different products and services.


This content should be well suited to every platform - every social media site has certain characteristics that we will show later - so it increases sales and also helps spread the brand among potential customers.




For this, you will find in this comprehensive guide to marketing via social media all that you need in order to increase the rates of your transfers (converting the user to a permanent customer for you), and achieve your marketing goals in the best possible way.


The importance of social media marketing

It is true that you know that social media marketing is very important to your business, but there are certain details that I would like to draw your attention to, in order to define your goals properly, which I will show you in the following points.


1- Increasing customer awareness of what you offer

According to a great statistic from the famous Oberlo website, how social media sites influence customer decisions when purchasing any product or service.

The following may be shown:


54% of social media users rely on them to search for new products and services.

71% of customers who like a particular product recommend it to their friends and acquaintances on Social Media.

73% of business owners in any field think that social media marketing is very effective.

Social media users spend an average of 2:22 hours a day on these sites.

The presence of your company or service on social media helps you to spread awareness among people, which is very important until the attention of those interested in what you offer so that they buy from you.


Not only that, but your continuous communication brings you close to them, which makes them buy from you continuously, and they become permanent customers for you, and this saves you a lot and guarantees you a continuous profit.


2- Marketing through social media sites suitable for any business

Whatever your business, whether you depend on a website, a store, a company that provides services, or even a self-employed business, you can use social media to your advantage.


This is the beauty of social media sites, which you can use to communicate with your customers, to sell services to them directly, or to provide customer service and after-sales services very quickly.


For this you have to think carefully about the quality of your business, and the best way for you to take advantage of social media.


3- Social media helps you to read the market

Any good marketer has to deeply read the market in order to make the right decisions. Reading the market involves knowing the new trends and customers' interests to offer a product that suits them.


Reading the market also depends on monitoring competitors and their offerings, the quality of the content that they depend on in promoting their products, and the extent of customer interaction with them.


All this information you can find very easily on social media for free, all you need to know is where to search for this information.


4- You can start with any budget

Any means of marketing depends on money, especially traditional means. Printing propaganda leaflets, advertising banners, posters, and other costs of money, as well as advertising campaigns on TV or radio.


This is in contrast to social media marketing, where you can start marketing for free, all you have to do is put the effort into creating appropriate content.


This is not all, the most important feature in social media marketing is the analyzes and data that you collect, as you can measure the returns of your marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of your content, unlike other means that I mentioned earlier.


Now you are fully aware of the importance of social media marketing, and the different angles you can rely on to promote your products and services. Now is the time to create a complete marketing plan for your best results.


The right strategy for social media marketing

Without a clear, step-by-step strategy you will not achieve good results on social media sites, for this, you will find in the following elements the steps that you must follow.


1- Determine your goal in social media marketing

What do you want specifically from social media? Do you want to get new clients only? Do you want to provide customer service and follow-up with your customers to answer their inquiries?


Would you like to obtain traffic for your website through social media? Or would you like to increase people's awareness of your stores and business activities?


Goal setting is very necessary because the content creation process will depend on it ... Let me show you this with practical examples where I put myself in your shoes.


Suppose I am a restaurant owner, I will use Social Media so that most of my content is exclusive for followers, in addition to content that defines the quality of food and the recipes that we offer in the restaurant.


If I am the owner of a company that provides a specific service (such as medical services - transportation services - information technology services), the majority of the content I provide will be explanations and educational information for clients.


I will also depend on communicating with them, assisting them in case of any problem, and I will answer any questions they have so that they can trust more in my brand.


This way the content you provide will be appropriate to your goals, and it will help you to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers, and this will lead to more profits for you.


2- Collect all the information about your customers

Studying your customers ’ personalities, goals, and problems facing them is the secret of the success of any marketing campaign. For this you have to ask yourself several questions to paint them an accurate picture, which is:


What is the average age of your clients?

Are your client's men or women or both together?

What is the economic status of your favorite clients? Should they have big budgets, or do you offer cost-effective services?

Are there specific problems or challenges that may prevent customers from reaching you (such as the time factor, location, or presence of children)?

What are your customers' interests related to what you offer (reading - football - photography - surfing the internet)?

All of these things will help you in providing an excellent service that is completely suitable for your customers, and also will make you take advantage of these matters in your marketing campaigns on social media.


Let's return to the same restaurant example - I love eating a lot? - Suppose I own a restaurant that serves family meals, for this, I will make meals for children, and also I will provide a play area for them, and I will give them a set of gifts and simple toys.


This is because I know how much parents care about children, they often go out to entertain them, and as long as I offer good experience for children, customers will make sure to visit my restaurant continuously.


And I'm going to make some simple videos for children in the designated areas, with some pictures of them taken with the gifts I give, and I will promote them on social media.


This way I get more clients and more their connection with my restaurant, this is the real power to understand your customers and their problems and provide content to address them the right way.


3- Create attention-grabbing content

In the previous point, I mentioned the quality of the content and how to make it relevant to the customers you target in your marketing campaigns. This content is extremely important in achieving your goals.


Whatever the quality of the service you provide, if the content you provide is poor and inappropriate, you will not achieve anything. The content must be of high quality in order to attract attention.


This is why illustrations and videos explaining products or services must be an important part of the content you provide, in order to demonstrate to your customers the quality of the products and services that you offer.

People generally like a social directory, meaning that they see with their own eyes that there are other people who use the products they sell, so be sure to provide content that demonstrates this.

Try to take photos or videos of your customers using your products, ask your customers to share their experiences with their friends and followers, then re-post this content on your social media accounts.

Also, try to keep your content up to date with the events that matter to your customers. If there is a sports course, holiday, or a specific social event, you must create content around it.

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