Online work for women (selected ideas 2020)

Online work for women

Working via the Internet for women has become a common term recently, and a lot of Arab girls and women are looking for it a lot, so we have prepared this comprehensive guide, in which we will address a wonderful set of ideas to help every Arab girl or lady in obtaining simple ways to work via the Internet from Home.


Whether you spend 8 hours of your day working hours continuously, as well as another four hours between transportation and not finding time for yourself and your family at the end of the day, looking for a solution.


Or if the financial compensation you are receiving in your job is not satisfactory and you wish to obtain additional income, or if you are studying at university and you want an income source to cover your expenses in a way that does not conflict with the time of the study.


Or until you have a skill such as graphic design, drawing, writing, or handmaid, or you are fluent in English, and you do not know how to convert any of this into an income source.

If any of those situations apply to you so this article is prepared for you.


At first glance, many questions may arise in your mind about working online, and how to seize the opportunity to embark on this journey that may take some time and effort.


In fact, all it takes from you is to have a good background on the field of self-employment, and you can do this through that simplified guide that we prepared earlier, and this is the link for it:


Who also wants to join the world of self-employment? (Comprehensive guide for girls)


Secondly, you have a serious desire to start a business trip through the Internet, and provide some time to learn the idea of what brings you profits, and remember that here you will spend your time in a business that you love, and you can develop through it and make it an essential source for living.


In today's article, we will talk about 10 great internet business ideas for women that will help you achieve your first online profit.


These ideas do not take long to learn compared to other skills such as programming and design, but they require a degree of effort and the ability to self-learn.


We also made sure, during the following lines, that there will be no repetition of ideas, especially those that hardly contain an article that talks about profit from the Internet.


So today I will tell you some innovative number of ideas, which I have applied some of, and others are still a good opportunity to experiment and learn to obtain a very satisfactory income ... So I advise you to continue to the end in an area of calm.


Let's start presenting business ideas online for women...


1- Volgger visual content maker

  • Have you ever searched for that skill you have and others are looking for to learn it ?!


Do you have one of these skills:


  • Proficiency in a second language, such as English or Spanish.

  • Speak at conferences and seminars with confidence.

  • Professional writing CV.

  • Passing job interviews.

  • Experience in dealing with grants and travel abroad.

  • See and read books.

  • Motivate others.

  • Self-education.

All of these are experiences that allow you to give the most important advice about it and explain what you want, by preparing educational videos through YouTube and Facebook and starting to convert your skill in a required skill to a satisfactory source of profit all the time.


First, let me ask you a question:


Are you a good follow-up to social media platforms? Have you ever watched any of these channels: Spontaneous, soar with Haifa, Manal Al-Alam via YouTube?


You must have heard of either of them, but haven't you ever wondered how these women have managed to make a profit from the internet by making content!


It only requires you to have knowledge in a specific field and a good background on digital marketing, this is exactly what Imam Imam did when she was a doctor in the stage of excellence, taking advantage of her experiences in the medical field through the “Spital” channel.


It was able to simplify the medical content of the general public without going into complicated medical terms, which attracted a large number of followers.


There is also Bint Nur ad-Din, which displays through its channel the most important information about the archaeological sites that fall within its tourist tours. The same thing was done by the Palestinian traveler Haifa Bseisu, whose viewership exceeds one million, and she is keen to provide travel advice and the most important information on Countries to travel to.


I saw that it is not as difficult as you see it, just to share your experiences with others, look at what you want to do and do not pay attention to it well, and learn how to turn it into a source of profit through social networks from this moment on.


If this method was right for you, you can now start looking for how to profit from YouTube, and how to profit from Facebook videos.


Of course, you will need a lot of skills such as photography skills and how to design videos, but all of this can be learned or you can use others to help you with it.


2- Introduction to virtual lessons

You may have the desire to offer some lessons in a subject, but you may not have the right space at home, which makes online teaching a good solution.


All it takes is you to make a good preparation for the lesson and then set the appropriate date with your students, provided that the gathering is via an application, which provides virtual rooms for that, such as Zoom or Skype, both of which also give you the ability to effectively control the teaching environment.


The matter is not limited to teaching traditional subjects such as science and mathematics only. You have the opportunity to teach others one of your technical skills such as marketing via social media, writing or translation arts, design… etc.


You can also provide this in the form of educational courses that are prepared through self-learning platforms, which provides you with high financial compensation for these courses, as well as helping you in planning lessons.


You can also provide this in the form of educational courses that are prepared via self-learning platforms, which provides you with high financial compensation for these courses, as well as helping you in planning the lessons.


Among the most prominent of these platforms is Udemy, which offers the possibility to offer courses in Arabic in addition to English, there are also many paid Arabic platforms such as Almentor, which provide an opportunity for teaching to those who have experience in technical fields, languages or self-development.


3- Resume writer

The most desirable of a university student or a recent graduate is to have a professional CV showing his skills that set him apart from other applicants so that his chances of accepting a scholarship or job increase.


Since many of them do not know the skill of CV writing, they are reluctant to pay for making a distinguished CV, so if you have that skill you can achieve a very good source of income in the shortest time.


All you need is to write a small number of forms and add them to your portfolio, then create an account on foreign freelance platforms, in which the demand for this type of writing is increasing and at a high financial cost such as freelancers and Fiverr.


The two platforms are completely suitable for beginners independents, and there is also no objection to creating a profile through the Arab platforms such as Five and Independent, so it is important that you have a presence on more than one platform in order to increase the chance of getting more job offers.


4- Creative writer

Do you like to read? ... If you enjoy what qualifies you to write why you do not try that from today, why not give free rein to your pen to express what is going on in your heart, whether it is in the form of short stories, long stories or fictional stories for children, who knows, you may be in a book The future, whose story gets the greatest share of publishing quotas!


You think it's still a dream, isn't it ?!


The truth is that it is not what you imagine, if you look today at the case of book fairs, you will notice that there are novels and self-development books among the lists of best sellers.


There is not a single novel among the galleries of the galleries, many of which have not been sold regardless of the writing style or the extent of print quality, everyone is interested in buying because public taste has become more inclined to this direction, which opens the doors for many budding writers to achieve double profits!


Ten years ago, publishing houses completely controlled the writer’s success order, in addition to capturing the lion’s share of the profits. Today, the matter has become different from the internet. With the emergence of e-book stores such as Amazon and google play, it has become the author of any book and publishes it widely. A very simple step.

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