Steps to create and invest in an online store

Steps to create and invest in an online store

A few days ago I wrote a comprehensive topic on e-commerce in which I addressed its definition and importance, the most important components and elements that underpin it, and in it, I clarified the size of opportunities and possibilities available as a result of the general trend of shopping through the Internet that prevails in the world.


Today, within the framework of completing the idea and putting it into a workable template that can be implemented, I will talk about the steps to create a professional electronic store, perhaps this topic will be a guide and guide for every ambitious young man mail creating a professional electronic store.


Before we start our topic, we must define the online store for those who have no idea about it.

Online Store: An online platform (a website) through which tangible or intangible products are sold via the Internet. Also, the online store can specialize in selling services.


It is worth noting that we are here to address the issue of establishing a concrete commodity online store.


Steps to create a professional online store

Step 1: Deciding which product to sell in your online store

There are mostly two situations behind creating an online store:

The first case: is the expansion and sales of a store that already exists on the ground, by taking advantage of the opportunities and profit potentials of e-commerce.


The second case: creating an online store as a new and independent project, and this is what we will talk about here.

In order to start your online store as a new and independent project, you need to select the product or products that you will sell in it.


Here you have one of two directions:


The first direction: the unique and innovative product, which requires a new idea based on the needs of the target audience, and which can be an innovative tool, for example, to facilitate life or solve a problem. This trend needs an innovative and creative person, and the risk is very high, but the profitability opportunities are also very high.


The second direction: the traditional product known to everyone, and this includes all kinds of products found in the market, such as clothes, electrical appliances, cosmetics, etc. This is the type on which we will complete our topic.

Here are some points that can help you determine the product for your online store:


  • Brainstorming sessions, in which you can get more product ideas through your own needs.

  • An opinion poll of friends and relatives.

  • Benefiting from the experiences of others, by following other e-stores and knowing the products that you sell.

  • Conducting research on the internet about the most important products consumed in the target market.

  • Step two: check the ability to sell this product

  • After you've determined your product idea, let's say here you decide to create an online clothing store.

  • You have to put this idea to the test and check to verify its usefulness, and you should make sure that you can sell the product you selected, this requires you to conduct market research, and understand the rates of demand for this product.


A tool like Google's Keyword Tool will help you a lot in understanding demand rates based on knowing the search rates in the Google search engine on a particular good.


Suppose here that you are considering creating an online clothing store, but you have not decided yet whether you will sell clothes in general, or will specialize in children's clothing.


Type the word children's clothing on Google, to understand the monthly search rate on it, of course, the higher the search rate the higher the demand for the product is also high.


But we must point out here a very important point: the high rate of demand also means the high level of competition (that is, there are electronic stores already selling the same product because it has a large demand).

Of course, the decision is up to you according to the competitive advantages you possess, and a well thought out a marketing plan for your online store.


In this step, you should also search the Internet for competing stores (specializing in children's clothing) that target the same market you intend to target. You have to check the strengths and weaknesses of the competing stores, and of course, you prefer to make a purchase through them, in order to verify everything based on real experience.

This will help have an idea of your level of competitiveness, and hence the ability to sell the product.


The third step: Determine the source of obtaining the product that you will sell

Suppose in the previous step, you decided that children's clothing is the products that you will sell in your online store. In this step, you have to determine the source from which you will get these children's clothes.

In this step there are three options that you can choose between:


Produce the product in your own factory.

This is the most difficult and risky option, in addition to that it needs more time and effort, and then this option is the least likely for the majority.


Using Drop Shipping

Dropshipping: It is a type of business, in which you, as a store owner, market the products, put them in your own store, set their price, and sell them to the consumer under your store name, but the products are to a third party (big store or wholesaler).


Once the buyer purchases the product, he orders it from the primary store and delivers it to the buyer. Here the process of storing and delivering is entirely through the main store, and your online store is just an intermediary. It is worth noting that the shipping way is the easiest and least risky option


Buy from wholesalers or factories

This is the standard or traditional option, and it is the most popular option in the world of electronic stores, in which you, as the owner of an electronic store, buy the product from one of the wholesalers or directly from the factory and store it in your own warehouse to prepare for purchase requests through your online store.


Step 4: Determine how to create an online e-store

There are three ways to create an online store, and this is an explanation for you:


Create an online store by a specialized programming company, or through a professional programmer.

This method is the most difficult and the most expensive, and in it, the programmer writes the e-store code from A to Z, so every time you want to make an adjustment to anything, you should refer to the programmer.


This method requires a professional programmer and a specialist in electronic store programming, it is suitable for large stores, where unique design and exceptional features and features can be made for the electronic store, but it is not suitable for emerging stores due to the high cost and difficulty in obtaining a professional programmer.

In this way to create an online store, you need a good website hosting and domain name, in addition to the programmer.


Create an online store via WordPress


To create an online store using WordPress, follow these steps:


Book a good web hosting that supports WordPress

Purchase a domain name for your online store

Choose a custom WordPress e-commerce template

Setting a WordPress e-commerce plugin (WooCommerce)

It is worth noting that adding Woocommerece represents an integrated solution to build an electronic store, and through it you can get everything you need to build your store, such as adjusting the payment method (linking with the payment gateway), adding products ... etc.


This is the cheapest method of creating an online store, but it does need some skill in dealing with Woocommerece and WordPress.


It is worth noting here that hosting Bluehost provides a package for creating e-stores, you will find everything (WordPress + Plugin Woocommerece) is set up automatically when you subscribe to it.


Subscribe to this bundle, choose a WordPress custom template for e-stores, and start directly tuning your e-store settings.

Check this video explaining this in detail:



Create an e-store through specialized e-commerce platforms.

There are integrated services for creating electronic stores, these services give you everything you need to build a professional electronic store, and this is what these platforms give you:


With it you can buy the domain name and link it to the platform in a few minutes.

It gives you an easy control panel to create your store, which even non-professionals can handle it easily.

Provides your e-shop with ready-made templates, it gives you a set of templates for free and gives you more other templates while you want to buy.

A control panel to adjust your store design so that your store is unique in shape and color.

Provide you with a support service.

With it, you can easily set the payment method, which itself provides some payment services.

This option to create a professional online store is the easiest ever and does not require any special skills, but it is the most expensive.

There are a lot of e-store creation platforms and here are the most famous:


  • Shopify

  • Bigcommerce

  • Wix

  • Expandcart (Arabic platform).

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