7 laws to earn and develop money are unbreakable

7 laws to earn and develop money are unbreakable

Financial independence is one of the main goals in life and it is what every person should aspire to. The exciting thing is that achieving financial independence today is much easier than before. It is the richest time in the history of mankind. We are surrounded by wealth and abundance more than before.


Money is a game governed by internal and external laws, where external laws include economic knowledge, financial, and investment culture ... all of which are essential. But domestic game rules are equally important.


In this article, we will review 15 laws that came within this chain of making money and developing it, adapted from the famous “Brain Tracy” lecture, “The laws of earning and developing money are unbreakable”. He summarized his great experience and his study of the causes and consequences of making money and creating wealth.


1- Law of cause and effect

Everything that happens in your life is causing, and every event has a consequence. We live in a world governed by universal laws, among which everything happens for a reason, regardless of whether or not we know it. Every result, success or failure, wealth, or poverty has a specific cause or causes, every cause or action has an effect or result of some kind regardless of whether it is desired or not.


It is the law of cause and effect that says that all accomplishments, all wealth, happiness, prosperity, and success are direct or indirect results of specific causes or actions. You can also get everything you want only if you are clear about the result you want, and then you do the same things that others did to achieve the same result.


It is not your external world that imposes your circumstances and conditions on you, but rather your inner world (your thoughts, feelings, your actions, your reactions ...) that creates the conditions of your life. It is strange to see that most people are changing the result most of the time without changing the cause. The truth is that the result will not change unless the cause is changed. And wisdom says: It is crazy to continue doing the same thing and expect different results!


An accurate diagnosis is half of the treatment. Look at your financial situation, and watch the cause-and-effect relationship between what you think, say, feel, do, and the results you get! Be honest with yourself. When you seriously think about earning money, when you do not misunderstand money, and when you believe that there is an abundance of money, resources, and opportunities, and when you trust your ability to earn, then you will be eligible for your abundant share of the money.


Financial success is a result preceded by specific causes when you are working on identifying these causes and applying them in your life, you will get the same results as others.


2- Law of Faith

What you believe and believe in with full force and with all your feelings becomes your reality that you live in. You only see what you believe, especially those beliefs that you made about yourself, in a way that causes you to reject everything that violates these beliefs in your surrounding reality. You do not believe what you see, you only see what you believe, and you find it consistent with your beliefs and beliefs, especially with regard to money.


Do you think all the time that you are born to be poor, failed? Do not blame your mind for believing you and achieving what you believe in. Your beliefs act as a set of filters that mask what is not in line with them. And the opposite is true, if you believe in your ability to succeed in this life, a belief that is accompanied by thinking and action, then you have come halfway to reach your goal. This belief leads you - unconsciously sometimes - to engage in activities and behaviors to prove the truth of the ideas that control you.


The truth is that no one is better than you and no one is more intelligent than you. If someone is doing better than you, it is because he has developed his innate talents better than you. He learned the law of cause and effect and applied it in the financial aspect of his life before you did so. Everything that successful people did on you, you can also do it if you learned "how" and believed in yourself. If you look carefully at it, you will find that "the mind is the fairest division of people." We created all of them equally. What increased from one side to another, and what decreased here increased there.


3- Law of expectations

The law of expectations is based on the principle that everything you expect with confidence, positive or negative, will be reflected in your reality. Expectations are influenced by your way of thinking and talking about how things will go! When you confidently and consistently expect good and positive things to happen, you will find that they really happen. If you strongly expect something negative to happen to you, your expectation usually does not disappoint.


Rich people expect to earn money abundantly, successful people strongly expect their success, heroes and celebrities expect their goals and dreams with certainty. And your expectations are also largely under your control and full control, so expect the best for yourself.


Imagine that you have unlimited possibilities and you can accomplish anything that you place a strong focus on. Imagine that your imagination only sets limits to your future, so all you've accomplished so far is just a very small part compared to what you are really able to achieve. Imagine your best moments are on the horizon, and that the best you can do is yet to come and is about to happen.


4- Law of Attraction

You are a living magnet, which creates your thoughts and beliefs around you a range of attractive force, which radiates around you, attracting people, circumstances, situations, and opportunities, who are in harmony with your thoughts and beliefs, and who help you to achieve the goal that you want.


This law explains many successes and failures in work and commerce. All that you are in your life today is the result of your attraction to him in your way of thinking. You are able to change your life because you are able to change the way you think.


When your desire for financial success becomes wild and dominates your thinking all the time, you really create a force of positive feelings that attract people, ideas, and opportunities that will help you reach this goal.


When your desire for financial success becomes wild and dominates your thinking all the time, you really create a force of positive feelings that attract people, ideas, and opportunities that will help you reach this goal.


Look at your financial condition today, and compare it with your thoughts, beliefs, and beliefs. Take responsibility for all the good things in your life, they are there because you attracted them to yourself. After that, look around the things you don't like and take full responsibility for them too, it's here because of you too! Because there are flaws in your thinking. These disadvantages are what you should find and correct. do not worry! Upcoming laws will help you do this.


5- Law of symmetry

Your external world is only a reflection of your inner world, compatible with the prevailing ways of thinking, which explains the reasons for some feeling of happiness or sadness, the success of some and the failure of others. Look at your outside world, to find that nothing will happen in it, in the long run, unless it matches something inside you, so if you want to change or improve anything in your life, you have to start changing from within, from your mind.


You have to create yourself that you want to be - inside your mind first unless you create this change inside you first, you will not succeed in achieving it in your surrounding world.


This law is the key to success on the social and financial level, and the key to feeling complacent. This key is in the hands of all of us, it is you who controls your way of thinking. Think and talk only about what you want to achieve, and refuse to think or talk about everything that you do not want, then her watch will become the master of your destiny, and she will live in the world you want.


6- Law of availability and sufficiency

We live in a world where there is plenty of money and good, sufficient for all people and at all times, provided that we meet the conditions of obtaining it and taking its causes. There is no shortage of money and livelihood because every person can get what he wants. The universe contains more blessings, gifts, and effusions than we can desire.


The wealthy and financially successful became so because they decided that, and because they believed in their ability to earn and develop money, they acted on this basis and continued to do all the things that turned their faith into reality. While the bankrupt became this because they only wish and did not decide, to trust, and not to trust.


You have to honestly ask yourself: Why am I not rich yet? What are the reasons that prevented you from improving your situation and your financial situation? Let alone excessive fun and lethal frustration, write in your paper all your frustrations, fears and excuses, and your outlook and interpretation of your current poverty. Write down all the reasons that hinder you from your financial success, then sit down with someone who knows you well, and discuss those reasons with him, and do not be surprised if you come to a conviction that your reasons are excuses that you fell in love with.


Whatever your excuses or your reasons, now is the time to get rid of them. The world is full of thousands - unless millions - who have overcome greater hardships, you may not imagine, have built themselves by themselves and become wealthy in the world, and you can do the same.


7- The Law of Exchange

Money is a means - people exchange it - services and merchandise provided/owned by others. Before money was invented, there was a barter system, in which people exchanged services and goods in exchange for services and other goods, without the need for money as an intermediary. Today, we go to our jobs to exchange our work for salary money, to buy/exchange with us the results of the work of others.


Money is a measure that people use to 

value goods and services, and the value of anything is only what anyone is willing to pay in exchange for this thing. This value is based on the buyer's emotions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and opinions, at the point in time at which he decided to purchase.


On the other hand, others view your effort to provide services or produce goods as cost. Because you are the one who made the effort, you see it as invaluable, while others view it as just a cost. Because buyers - by their instinct - want to get the best deal for the lowest cost, regardless of the fatigue and effort of the service/goods. Therefore, you cannot place a fixed price on all your efforts, because it is determined by the value that others are willing to pay - in a free competing market - in exchange for your effort.

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