GAS Buddies: An Exact Picture Of The Oil Industry This Year

Gas Industry

An Introduction To Gas Buddies

Are you always worried about where your money is going? Have you become cautious about travel because of oil and gas prices? Do you always want to find out what the gas prices are (and at what stations across America) before you decide which one to go for? If this is the case, GAS Buddy is here to help.

An app that updates you on the current oil and gas prices, GAS buddies is a one-click app that permits you to check where to get your gas from (on-the-go). It is convenient, it is reliable, it is useful and it is extremely apprehensible. The best part is that it outlays an exact map for you to get gas from anywhere across America, from the nearest station, at affordable prices.

Introduction To The Oil And Gas Industry (2020)

People have lost a lot of money this year. Furthermore, prices have also been very volatile.

Whether it is gas, LNG, petroleum, or oil, there is a lot to look forward to. However, since commodities, such as oil, have become pricey, people will initially have to have a lot to get started on investing in it.

Oil is a commodity no one can live without. It is used in cars, machines, refinement, perhaps anything, and everything. It is one of those things that make things work.

Because of the corona upset this year, oil and gas prices have rocketed and will, and governments will wonder ‘how to get things back together’.

While the solution to this is refining your existing oil stock, the other solution is to adopt a wait and see attitude. On the other hand, if you are a trader, you should be checking out the prices of oil, gas, and other commodities every day (especially since the last 6 months till today), compare and contrast, take a leap of faith and start investing.

Oil and gas make a good investment because the oil will be a tricky concern this year.

According to Forbes, in the last 4 years, there have been about 20 oil drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that have been used through submarine rocks to search oil.

Oil is a very important commodity and one that literally every investor invests and trades in. It can literally help you make millions of dollars.

This year though, oil is struggling to be recovered. However, if you find out what is in the pipelines (offshore), and use the right equipment (specific drilling machines with a deep inundated mechanism), things will work out (for economies).

On an individual level, one can benefit from investing in the oil and gas industry today by investing. Investing in its ETFs, investing in its futures, or investing in their trade baskets will benefit you greatly.

In every capacity, the oil industry is a catch and its importance is such that no one can deny it.

A Look Into Oil And Gas Prices Today

To keep things simple, first, if we talk about oil and gas, what you need to do is to be up to date with the current gas prices. For that, we have Gas Buddy.

Gas Buddy is an app that allows you to find the nearest gas station just by the click of a go. If that is not enough, it also displays the current and exact prices for you, for you to decide which gas station to go for (price-wise). Essentially, it is your go-to app for help regarding oil and gas stations and prices.

Oil And Gas Prices Today Chart

Source: Macrotrends

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This year has been tough and it is expected that things are going to remain tough till the remaining part of the year.

According to analysts, there might be another corona lockdown for, checking, first, where did corona come from, and secondly, when to resume operations.

In the midst of this, oil and gas prices will increase. The logic behind this is quite simple. It is not the governments who are doing it for their own gains or oil companies, by and per se, but perhaps the truth is that:

Oil is short and when supply is short, companies have to raise prices to meet their own requirements (revenue generation).

If we are talking about specific regions, then, the most affected areas by business activity, due to corona, are the United States of America, Japan, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan.

Many people have died but more so, there is no answer to what to prepare for ahead.

Oil businesses have tumbled, people are struggling; if oil prices increase, people will still create havoc for they don’t have the means to match their ends. Times ahead will be very tough. However, one could really benefit from investing in oil futures or making sure they find oil or ‘gas’ at cheaper prices, all the time, through Gas Buddy.

Price Of Natural Gas: (Chart): 2000 to 2020


Price Of Natural Gas: (Chart): 2000 to 2020

Source: MacroTrends


Oil Futures And Indexes

The latest oil prices reveal that WTI Crude in the U.S. was valued at 34.09, with a +0.84 change and a +2.53% positive change.

Brent crude (of the U.S.) stands at 36.08, with a 0.55 positive change and a +1.55% change.

Mars U.S. stood at 33.45, with a -0.67 negative change and a -1.96% decline.

Opec Basket, on the other hand, will cost 28.43, with a 0.00 positive change and a 0.00 positive change.

Oil Futures And Indexes

Source:  Link

A true and exact picture of the oil and gas prices would reveal a very bleak and meek picture. Oil prices will shoot ahead and the market will be volatile. Those who are trading in commodities say oil, would want to cash upon the difference between oil prices between a week and two to make quick gains.

Secondly, oil is a commodity that will never go out of fashion, because it is a necessity and, therefore, investing in it should be an ‘eyed’ concern. What I mean by this is that you should be watching oil statistics very carefully and stick with Brent oil, crude oil, and Brent futures for irreversible gains.

These three are the stable ones out of the ones that have been blown out of proportion in the U.S

Moreover, off of the chart above, we still don’t have cars that run on say, Mars U.S oil. Common cars use oil, petroleum, and ‘gas’- interchangeably used with ‘oil’ in the U.S. Therefore, it is better to go for orthodox oil, gas, petroleum, etc. futures than other types of oil and commodities.

What Is Ahead In Oil And Gas?

2020 has literally given everyone a ride for their money.

Things will take a long time to recover. In such times, people would always want to look for stability, and for that, we have oil and gas for investments.

It has been about 6 months since the corona lockdown and if we look at the news today, there is going to be another lockdown soon. This means a lack of business activity again.

This time, the lockdown will be for clearance. However, while operations might start resuming in the next few months or so, the World Economy will find balance in another 2-3 years. Till then, we might be looking at a picture close to the bubble, where things just collapsed and took a long time to recover.

Least to say, if we get rid of all the clutter, what is of common sense is that everything is still here. While investors could start investing in oil and refinery companies, others could start trading in oil futures to make good money.

On the other hand, mortgages will be on a high this year and so will be expenses. There will be unemployment, salaries might be low and people might have to cut off their expenses to meet daily budgets.

Since oil is a daily necessity, you would want to try Gas Buddy for getting oil at the cheapest prices and at the nearest gas station. It is simple to use, easily downloadable and comes with a lot of benefits.

The Oil Industry- Investing In Oil

If you want to invest in oil, it would be better if you go for investing in crude oil or petroleum. On the other hand, if you want to invest in something stable, go for something that is ‘affordable’. We can say go for Brent crude or CNG.

What is your safety net with oil is that it is a commodity that will never go out of the question, for it is used in everything. Be it airplanes, cars, fuel jets, trains, rails, subways, submarines; all the ‘bigger things’ use oil. Oil can be defined as your ‘sturdy net’ if you have the means to get started on its investment right away. You can invest in oil futures, refineries, refinery companies, oil companies, ETFs, and so on to make money off of oil investments.

Things today are on the go. I don’t think there is anyone who is going to spend money out of mercy or fun in the time to come. People will be moving on the go and whichever mode of travel they will be using, they will need to know where prices are cheaper and where they can go for their own modes of travel.

How Can Gas Buddy Help? Find Your Nearest Gas Station Today!

Looking for an application that can help you travel on the go and help you find oil and gas on the spot? Gas Buddy is one of them.

Call it Gas Buddy or Gas Buddies, as some refer to it, Gas Buddy comes with a logo of ‘never pay full price for gas again’. An app that lets you find the best gas price, anywhere, you can download it on your phones to prepare in advance.

Gas Buddy lets you find your fuel by knowing the cheapest price and where the best stations are.

You really don’t want to ruin your travel experience by getting low-quality fuel and you really don’t want to empty your pocket by going for stations that have higher prices.

Gas Buddy is an app that helps people save on gas, every day.

Most of our time is spent on getting fuel and gas without apprehension and careful thinking. With the help of Gas Buddy, a very top-rated app, we can find our nearest gas station to avoid a lack of fuel, loss of fuel, and so on.

It is one of the most easily apprehensible apps. It comes with a trip cost calculator, an outage tracker, a gas price map, fuel insights, fuel logbook, and vehicle recall.

Furthermore, you can search for gas stations on it (state-wise). Find the best gas prices in your state to maximize savings at the pump.

Gas Buddy also lets you pay with the app itself. It helps you find gas, it is a good trip planner and an outage tracker.

Gas Buddy is an award-winning travel app and a good navigation app that allows you to have 27 ways to save money on gas with 150,000 gas stations registered throughout America (North America).

The app has been downloaded 90 million times and is the highest-rated app today.

With a mission to help and provide drivers with better gas mileage, the app has helped Americans save as much as $3 billion on oil and gas (since its inception).

The app was founded in 2000.

For more updates, stay tuned.


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