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If we are talking about major stock indices, stocks, stocks to buy, or the stock market today, we have to realize that the stock market is bouncing back from succinct losses of the past few months. This is because the market has been dealing with losses of the corona shock and now, they are somewhat coming back to normalcy. 

To start off with, major world indices such as the Dow Jones Today, cannabis-related company Aurora Stock and the Nasdaq Index are showing signs of momentum and growth. 

While previously, the same indices showed signs of recline, now, they are finally getting back.

Amongst the stock indices that showed positivity include the Dow Jones Today, which finished 912 points or 3.9% higher quite recently. Perhaps, it’s best since April 6.

On the other hand, Aurora Cannabis Inc., a cannabis producer, was also somewhat in the green, as it settled at 17.81 (CAD) off of May 20 and the Nasdaq Index, which was momentous, as it settled at 9,375.78 (+190.67), (2.08% higher) and in green, (on May 20).

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The Latest Stock Market Update

While the stock market today is picking up momentum finally, major indices are coming back in their full swing and are now showing signs of positivity. However, the market is still exhibiting volatility especially if we look at certain specific stocks including Aurora Cannabis Inc. Nonetheless, markets are now showing signs of momentum.

If we are talking about the stock market today, the Dow Jones Today, Aurora Stock, and the Nasdaq Composite Index, their performance has been as follows.

The Dow Jones, Aurora Stock, And the Nasdaq Composite Index

The Dow Jones Today hit overnight highs, whereas Aurora Stock, (Aurora Cannabis ACB) is exhibiting some momentum after a few volatile months. Moreover, the Nasdaq Composite Index dropped by 50 points, after a 3-day positive wing.

It is a tricky time for the stock market, to be honest, and fair, though stocks are now recovering. However, if we look at patterns, then, while some stocks are benefiting from the gains and showing positive streaks, others are coming back to normalcy. It is sort of a high-low combine, especially for Aurora Stocks, which are exhibiting volatility but have a lot to boast in the coming run.

As far as the Dow and Nasdaq is concerned, both the Dow Jones futures and Nasdaq futures, rose on Wednesday, after the stock market showed signs of weakness on Tuesday. This could have been because of the layoffs amidst China and Japan and the intervention of the U.S. economy. Since major players are now making bigger decisions, markets are in swing and will return to normalcy in the coming 2-3 months or so. However, it is important to realize that in between this time, some stock and indices could gain and some could lose too.

Dow Jones Today: Highlights

One of the major indices in the world today is the Dow Jones.

If we look at the performance of Dow Jones Today, we can say that the rise in Dow Jones has been because of certain important stocks that the index holds. Wednesday morning, Dow futures were up by 249 points. 

On Tuesday though and in number points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by 390.51 points or in percentage change, 1.59%, closing at 24,206.86.

By May 20 today, Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEXDJX: DJI), settled at 24,575.90 (a 369.04 rise and a 1.52% increase).

Early Wednesday, Dow Jones futures were higher, 0.8% vs. its fair value.

Furthermore, ASML (ASML), Intel (INTC), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), KLA Corp. (KLAC), and Analog Devices (ADI), which are part of the Dow Jones Today showed noteworthy improvement as well.

Others, including Apple (AAPL), Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL), that are also part of the Dow Jones Today, have again shown positive momentum, keeping the Dow Jones in good, fair terms and value.


Dow Jones Industrial Index

Aurora Cannabis (Aurora Cannabis Inc: ACB).

On the other hand, if we look at Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB), we can say that its performance has somewhat ‘fizzled’. 

On Tuesday, shares of the Canadian company were lower, 12.9%. The company posted strong fiscal Q3 results in 2021. However, the decline in the company’s worth came as it revealed that it is not out fully yet.

Previously, Aurora Cannabis exhibited a 14-month downtrend. Its stocks lost as much as 95% of its total value. It also underwent a 1 to 12 reverse stock split to stop being ascertained from the NYSE. 

However, in the last two days, the company’s stock has risen by as much as 158%. The daily volume of its stocks was as close to 100 million on both days. Both stocks traded on a two-day stretch and there are now just 109 million shares of Aurora stock outstanding, following its reverse split.

The problem with marijuana stocks is that the competition in this industry is too high. However, at least to say that even if the competition is high, marijuana stocks will still be in demand. This is because the recent corona outbreak will lead people to settle on something less potent than something very strong. 

Moreover, since the symptoms of corona include rigidity, senselessness, being erratic, and not being able to sit in one place, people would go for marijuana to ‘settle down’. 

The truth is that the potential of the marijuana industry is and is hidden because of self-consumption, selling them at higher gains, procurement, and competition. While Aurora Cannabis is one company to look forward to, Aurora will have to be on its toes to make a mark in the industry.

Aurora Cannabises Inc

Nasdaq Index

The Nasdaq Composite Index (INDEXNASDAQ: IXIC) price, as of May 20 was 9.375.78 (with a +1.90.67 rise and a 2.08% increase).

The Nasdaq Composite Index, which is a tech-heavy index, is just 6% off from its all-time record high because of the rise in FANG stocks.

Starting off at 9.092.19 on Jan 2, 2020, today, by May 20, the Nasdaq Index is valued at 9,375.87. The Nasdaq Index is one index that has shown some signs of positivity amongst a slight recline in 2020.

Essentially, the Nasdaq Index is a stock market index that comprises of common stocks and similar securities. These include ADRs, trading stocks, and then limited partnership interests. 

Since the Nasdaq Composite is a stock market index that comprises of common stocks and similar securities, it is safer to invest in. It is less volatile and it makes for a very decent investment. Talking about major stock indices, the Dow Jones Today, Aurora Stock, and the Nasdaq Index, stocks are now coming back to normalcy.

Nasdaq Composite

2020 Stock Market Guide: Which Stocks To Buy, The Stock Market Today

There is a lot going on in the world today but there are certain stocks that are more favorable than others.

While the markets have started bouncing back after the coronavirus causation that hit the stock markets adversely in 2020, here is some input regarding which industries to go for, as far as stock investments are concerned.

Stocks To Buy: Which Industries To Look Forward For Stock Investments

In particular, the industries that you should be watching right now are the cannabis industry, the aerospace industry, Biotech, Artificial Intelligence, Oil and Gas exploration, Real Estate Investment Trust, and a few others.

These industries are concrete industries. Concrete industries mean that their setups, their explorations, their overall capacities, and their establishments are such that they are not going anywhere any time soon.

The concrete the industry, the better.

Moreover, as far as companies are concerned, here are the top companies to invest in.

British American Tobacco (BTI)

British American Tobacco (BTI) is one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world. BTI is better than a lot of companies at large. Offering a 7% dividend yield, BTI has a solid customer base and a nice brand portfolio. 

Crown Castle International Corp (CCI)


CCI is well known Real Estate Investment Trust. It also makes a good stock buy. However, their securities trades as normal stocks do. CCI is one of the stocks to buy for May because the company buys’, leases and owns tens of thousands of cell towers. Cell towers will help you communicate easily with data and wireless. Since communication might be a tricky concern in the time to come, shares of CCI will definitely rise ahead. 

CCI shares have risen by 13%. Moreover, since its interest rates are 0 and the fact that CCI is going to roll out 5G soon, CCI is a good investment. 

It is all going to be about the Internet in the coming few years, especially with the new 5G rollout. Crown Castle International Corp (CCI) is one company that is the one to watch. You invest in CCI and it will definitely turn out to be a solid investment. CCI, therefore, is one of the good stocks to buy and another good investment for 2020.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group (BABA) is a very well-known name. Alibaba Group is one of the top choices and for investors this year. To year and till date, BABA has beaten the market and has held higher ground than most of its competition. It is another stock to buy this year.

Alibaba’s stock is growing rapidly. In the last quarter, it had a revenue of 38%. In the next fiscal year, it advanced by another 30%, despite the virus.

The company is one of the biggest conglomerates in China. It is a part of a very open market and has stayed put despite odd times.

With a share price of $214.77, Alibaba Group’s consistency in stock performance and share price shows and reveals that it is a company worth investing in.

Furthermore, the company’s stock has stayed in green in the last 6 months.

In the corona highlights, few other sectors have also exhibited some positivity. These include stocks in the energy sectors and the pharmaceutical sector in particular.

Energy Sectors

Williams Cos (WMB)

A natural gas-focused operator, Williams is one of the major natural gas companies to invest in. The company operates majorly in the Northeast. There, it provides gathering and processing services to natural gas producers such as Marcellus Basin. Williams Cos is a good stock to buy this year.

Due to the current, ongoing health crisis, Williams Cos has been performing well than other stocks in the industry because of its massive investments and concrete set up. Williams Cos (WMB) then again, makes an interesting choice of stocks to buy.

Today, natural gas is one of the leading fuels used to generate electricity in the United States of America. Williams will naturally be stable in the months to come because of the upcoming rise in the demand for gasoline and jet fuel.

A Conclusive Summary

While Dow Jones Today, Aurora Stock and Nasdaq indexes are the ones to watch and companies that are listed in these exchanges must be eyed or invested in, I’d say that if you are not that well integrated or do not have a proper understanding of the stock market, you would want to go for investing in individual companies.

The above-mentioned indices, companies, and stocks are the stocks to buy and stocks to watch. However, if you are not that big of a or a very solid investor, then small to mid-capped sized stocks may suit you.

Sketchers (NYSE: SKX) and Universal Display (NASDAQ: OLED) are two of them.

Sketchers (NYSE: SKX)

While Sketchers inhabitant stores received outlays, its e-commerce setups have grown by 70% over a period of one year, in the first quarter. 

Furthermore, in the first three weeks of April, its stock grew by 250%. Not only will Sketchers (NYSE: SKX) rebound from its physical stores, its e-stores are a sign that the business and its operations are not going anywhere. 

Sketchers, today, stands at $28.06, as of May 21. Sketchers will pick up, because of its strong e-commerce operations and after careful distribution, Sketchers is going to rise in the coming years, which makes it a strong buy.

Universal Display (NASDAQ: OLED)

Universal Display (NASDAQ: OLED), priced at $151.90 (as of May 20 close) is another ‘mid-cap’ stock to buy. Universal Display gained value between the corona upset because a lot of people were sitting at homes, which led to a rise in its demand. It turned the company into a growth stock at its value price.

Demand for Universal Display will continue to rise for when business and operations will resume in the coming term, Universal Display will benefit from sales. Be it in cinemas or homes, investors could benefit greatly from the purchase of Universal Display (NASDAQ: OLED).


If we take a look at the stock market today, top known indices, and companies such as the Dow Jones Today, Aurora Stock, Nasdaq Index; the market has a lot to recover from.

Many people invested in shares and stocks when the market was down but markets are recovering since April 2020. Today, the stock market is in its recovery phase and doing better than before.

While people will be careful about which stocks to buy in the stock market today, there are plenty. However, certain industries and stocks are the ones to benefit from.

If you are an interested buyer or investor, this article might help you understand the performance of major indices and the stocks you need to invest in.

Stay tuned for more updates.



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