How to earn money from uploading files online:

earn money by uploading files

How is it possible to benefit from uploading files?

Are you looking for the best sites to profit from uploading files?


Profiting from the Internet is one of the most searched and exciting things for a large segment of users in this virtual world. There are many ways to make money for free online.

We had known in previous explanations of many of them. Still, today we have provided you with another new method among the honest and guaranteed ways to earn money from the Internet, which is the profit from uploading files! Did you try this method before?


There are several Arab sites for profit from uploading files and other foreign ones, and we will talk about some of them through the points that will be listed in the following locations:


How to profit from uploading files

The method will take place, and you can earn money for free and profit without capital; it is a group of legitimate sites, but before you start to introduce it, you must know that this site is making money through it through AdSense ads of American google company.


It places these ads that enable it to profit, not to mention other methods of its own, from which it earns. It earns you money and also it makes, as follows:


The App for Ever website is one of the sites that allow profit from uploading files by uploading your data from pictures, videos, files, WordPress documents, and others. You can earn hundreds of dollars.


The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1, unlike other sites that raise this value. This means that if you win one dollar, you can withdraw by the payment methods that are based on the site, including Vodafone Cash. PayPal.


Profit from share cash

Another way you can profit from uploading files via the Internet, this time another site called share cash, you can upload several files that allow you to earn several dollars.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD, and there are many payment methods, including payment through a Pioneer account, electronic payment via Paypal and others, and also a bank transfer if you wish.



The third of these is file-up—one of the best profit-making sites from uploading files online. There are 117 gigabytes given to you if you register on the site.


Every thousand downloads of files take 7 US dollars in the Arab countries. This price is entirely different if the downloads were in foreign countries, the price there we talk about a significant increase, given that the process of dealing in Western countries with prices is quite high as is the case in calculating Traffic in AdSense ads for website ads.



File sharing platform, anonymous and free

Go file is a free and anonymous file-sharing platform that respects its users (no cookies, no ads). You can share and store data of all types (files, images, music, videos, etc...). There is no limit, you download at the maximum speed of your connection, and everything is free.

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