Shutterstock for making money selling photos and videos:

Shutterstock for making money selling photos and videos:

We are still learning more ways to profit from the Internet!

Do you want to earn money without capital?


Have you ever thought about profiting from selling pictures? Do you want to make money selling video clips? Today we will learn a way through how to profit from selling movies and video clips online to achieve financial income for you and your family.


Shutterstock site : 

Shutter Stock or iStock are among the great sites that allow you to earn money from selling your photos and videos, so how can we achieve that?


It's simple, Shutterstock is among the many websites that allow earning big money by raising and selling their photos and videos.

The site gives you the opportunity and allows you to create content, pictures, and videos provided that they are exclusive and not any intellectual property rights at all in the sense that it is pure and belongs to you only you.


How do I earn from Shutterstock

You are looking for how to sell pictures on Shutterstock? Well, if you are a talented person and love photography or editing and editing videos and recording and filming them, then you can through this platform and this most beautiful site to become a US dollar owner and make money.


Explain the Shutter Stock site

All you have to do to make money from this site is to shoot pictures or record videos and then upload them to your account on the website after completing the registration process, which we will learn about in the following points, God willing, but there are conditions for you to benefit and upload pictures and videos, as follows:


The images should be in JPG format, not the other forms. They are rejected. This is one of the best image formats ever, and the image must be 4.0 megapixels.

As for the videos, they must range between 5 - 60 seconds completely, not less than or less than this number, for your videos to be approved and start monetizing behind them.

Register on Shutterstock

To be able to upload videos and pictures, you have to register on the site, and the registration process is straightforward. All you should do is go to the site link by clicking here and then click on Sign up and start filling in the data such as email and password or password and click on follow.


Complete the other data on the new page, and go to the email I used to activate the account and start profiting from the Shutter Stock global website, which is among the best profit sites from selling 2020 photos and videos.


The site sometimes allows downloading from Shutterstock for free, in some of the materials available on the large platform that millions of visitors visit around the world. Are you interested in profit from the Internet quickly and free ??



It is essential to download the images for free from Shutterstock with high quality so that you can complete the approval process for your photos and videos, as we have already said. For those who wish to download and download images from Shutterstock without watermark 2020, It is kinda possible if you bought that image because the property rights Prevent you from it.


In the end, Short Stoke has a lot of high-resolution images and videos that you can view yourself. Try to buy a professional camera and provide exclusive pictures and videos for a quick profit from behind this terrible site...
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