How to earn money from the Study app on Android?

Study from facebook

Are you still looking for ways to profit from the Internet? We learned about several articles about self-employment or work from home and achieving money and monthly income. It is one of the things that has become ordinary and well-known to a large segment of the unemployed who have higher degrees who have taken refuge in the virtual world to highlight their skills and offer them to others to obtain a material wage.


Study for-profit application from Facebook

Many ways help you to achieve a monthly income from the Internet, through profit from applications, as smartphone applications with their large spread have become used to work online instead of wasting time, for example, the app today, which is the Study application.


The study from the Facebook application is for the social network Facebook. It is known that there are a lot of scandals and issues that Facebook faced in the recent period, which are related to the violation of the privacy of users and the use of their information to influence the elections, including Trump's election as President of the United States of America, has been accused fingers of Russia On time.

Some companies buy this information and user data for many purposes, such as the purpose mentioned above, in addition to other things, including using them to target people with ads and promote products and goods, depending on the activity and behavior of the user.


That is why you, your posts, and your activity on Facebook and other social media platforms are an irreversible treasure and long-term investment that Facebook takes on its own, but with the passage of time many people pay attention, and Facebook becomes sharing these profits by profit from Facebook videos via pages for example.


How do I earn money from the Study app

Well, with the Blue Network being exposed to a lot of criticism about selling this information to users without their knowledge, Facebook resorted to another trick that is somewhat more legal and legal by paying the user for money to get his data, and this was the purpose of developing the Facebook Study app.


You will simply register in this application and agree to the conditions. In this way, Facebook will get all your activities such as what are the most applications you use in the day, your daily use of the phone, the type of device, the browser and the network that you access the Internet, and several other vital statistics for a company the size of Facebook.

Facebook reassures people that it will not see photos, videos, SMS, or other sensitive objects.


You should know that profit from the application is currently available in India and America only, and we hope that it will be available very shortly to the general public around the world to benefit from it.

Regarding how much you will earn, this matter has not been publicly declared by the company, and it will be disclosed when we see the experience of others who have agreed to use the application.

If the application is available in your country (for this time, it is not available in the Arab countries yet), you will have to give the authorities and permissions to access your device and see what is stipulated in the agreement. The application is available through the system of invitations via Android devices through the store in the Google play store Google play.


important note

Personal opinion, in the end, I must say what I see to you well, I wrote this article to inform you and introduce you in this way that you can earn money through it. Still, as a matter of honesty, I must tell you that it is a way to sneak at you and steal your sensitive data with your consent and consent, so I advise you Not to deal with these suspicious methods and head for the most obvious ways to make money from the Internet, in the end, it is your decision !!


For example, you can work online by writing content, design, programming, translation, and other skills that you can introduce yourself and make income for you and your family.
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