How to earn money by registering your voice on Facebook:

How to earn money by registering your voice on Facebook

Do you want to make money by recording your voice on Facebook?

Are you still looking for ways to profit from the Internet?

The Facebook social network does not stop providing many areas and ways in which you can earn money, just like the American company Google, which preceded it in this regard and enabled many users around the world to make money for free online.

Earn money by registering your voice on Facebook

What is new is that the Facebook platform recently announced and revealed a new way for users to earn money by registering their voices through the Viewpoints application, the method is one of the great ways to profit from the Internet 2020 innovative.


The goal behind this step is to improve the speech recognition technology that Facebook is developing recently. Instead of spying on you, this is what you accused and proven already as it spied on users to apply Facebook Messenger. Alternatively, you want to persuade you and persuade others to allow Have her record your voice in exchange for money.

This is to evade legal prosecutions and issues that you have been exposed to recently, especially about protecting user privacy.


How do I earn from Facebook by recording audio?

There are some of the conditions that you must have to be able to earn money from audio recordings on Facebook, and they are as follows:


Friends must have more than 75 friends.

The age must not be less than 18 years to be able to benefit from the program.

It is essential to record two syllables, twice for the same syllable, to train the new technology for better speech recognition than it is now, in addition to the use of artificial intelligence technology.

You must complete one set of records to get 200 points, and when you collect a minimum of 1000 points, you can get a $ 5 reward for you.


Payment method :

When you collect points, you will get the money against it and will be added to your balance on all the registrations that you have registered, and money can be withdrawn through the only approved payment method, which is PayPal, which is the method that contains a lot of problems in the transfer and reception operations, especially in the Arab countries.

It is worth noting that this method of winning money quickly or earning cash from registering your voice on this new Facebook is still being tested, and it is available in the United States of America at the moment. It will soon be circulated to the rest of the world...

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