Earn money from selling photos on Adobe Stock:

selling photos on Adobe Stock

How is it possible to sell images through Adobe Stock?


Profits from the internet or working from home are endless. Every day, several ways to make money for free are shown to us.


Which include:


-Profit from design and programming.

-Earn money from writing and blogging and adding electronic content.

-Earning money from commission marketing, or what is known as the affiliate.

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Make money off selling photos on Adobe Stock.

Outside of applications for selling pictures, today, we will learn about a new way, which is the possibility of selling the images that you take either using professional cameras such as Canon, Sony, and others or through the smartphone camera iPhone or Samsung phones, Huawei, Realme, Redmi.


Adobe Stock site Adobe Stock is one of the sites that will earn you money by uploading pictures, but this matter requires many conditions to be eligible to make money from the site and achieve financial income, among which:

  • Take exclusive photos that aren't copied or stolen.

  • Natural pictures of animals or other exciting things.

  • With high quality, i.e., not to be weak pixels, it is essential that its accuracy is high and that for-profit through it, for the sake of high clarity of the image that you want to earn money quickly.

  • You are at least 18 years old.

How to earn money from Adobe Stock

Profit money from the site is based on the conditions mentioned above, it is essential to adhere to it, and if you decide to start earning money without capital and you want to try the site you must register and create the account to start:


  • Make sure your account is unique.

  • Adhere to the previous conditions before uploading any image to your new account, as everything is calculated for you.

  • Post your photos on social media to attract more buyers.

  • Create an Adobe Stock account

It is easy for you to do the following:

  • Go to the site link click here.

  • Enter your email address and username

Throughout the site you can review important terms of use, such as how your images you want to upload, the subject and the quality of these images should be, it is a good idea to review the already uploaded image.


Your earnings are 33% of the total sale of the photos, and when you reach 24 €, you can request the amount of money that will be sent to you via your PayPal account, which is the method of payment approved on the site.


How does the site work?


It's effortless, but there is only one condition for selling your files: be a contributor.

Adobe Stock! Are you wondering what that means?

Simply put, you are one of those who enrich the site's database. In other words: if you have pictures, videos, or illustrations of your own.

You own all the rights, and then you can cash it to make money in the long run without doing anything. To be paid to sell its creative content in the world.

Somewhat cute, no?

You do not have any obligation, but in addition, you can add images to your account as you see fit and whenever you want. Once you submit your file to the approved site, you can collect commissions on every sale for years.

Generally, you can sell images, videos, and artwork to Adobe, and unlike other image banks, when adding files to your account, Adobe Stock automatically suggests 25 keywords. This keyword suggestion is essential because it makes your data more visible and saves you time and money.

Also, Adobe Stock also provides the sale of all your files on another website. In 2014, Adobe bought another photobank (Fotolia). So be reassured by two sites that will likely sell your photos twice as fast but also to earn more money easily.

Regarding your reward. Depending on the price of the photo, once someone buys one of your files, you receive a 33% commission for the images and 35% for the videos. This means: Depending on the sold model, your price will be between 0.17 and $ 0.55. A small amount can increase quickly and supplement income. The minimum payment is at least $ 25 and is paid via PayPal or Skrill.

If you want to make a lot of money with Adobe Stock, then it is possible.

Once registration is completed, and your profile is accepted, that's fine! You can add your photos, videos, or illustrations in Adobe Stock directly on the site.

Watch your sales grow:

The site provides you with the ability to track your sales in real-time from your account. You also have an opportunity to view the history of the past 12 weeks.

  • Adobe Stock benefits

  • Adobe + Fotolia = more opportunities to sell.

  • More sales = increased commission.

  • Unlimited resale of the same image.
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