Make money from Dailymotion, a YouTube alternative:


Do you know how to make money from Dailymotion?

Are you still looking for ways to make money for free?

Do you wanna learn how to earn money from uploading videos? Do you use the YouTube platform to profit from Adsense ads? Do you want a YouTube alternative for making money?

All of these questions and more, we will learn about it through today's article, in which we will learn about the alternative to the YouTube video sharing platform, through the platform and the alternative site on YouTube, so what is this site? How is it possible to register in it?


Dailymotion explanation:


Delimitation is a video sharing website that allows you and other users to upload, watch, and share videos free of charge, just as in the YouTube platform.

In the year 2012, the site ranked 31st for the most visited websites in the world, as the number of visitors in the site in this world reached more than 116 million visitors per month.


He established, in effect, on 3/15/2005, and from the date of the one who discovers that the site was born around the same time that the YouTube star was dispatched, but it was fate that the YouTube platform reach the international level and forget this site on its account.

Dailymotion Delimitation YouTube alternative

What we want to say is goodbye to Google's monopoly of uploading videos and making money from them. Fortunately, there are alternatives, and the most appropriate and most worthy option is Dailymotion, which you can earn money for free from, just as it is on YouTube, which allows you to make money from Adsense ads.


Please register at Dailymotion Delimitation

In the event that you are already looking for an alternative, and you want to make money from the competing site for YouTube, we can explain to you how to register on the alternative platform:


  • Click here. First, go to the link of the platform or the network via the Internet.

  • Right above, click on the Signup button.

  • Now let's start filling in your data.

  • In the first field, the email and make sure it is correct because it will bind us.

  • Type your password or password.

  • Select your birthday.

  • Click on the box to confirm that you are not a robot.

  • Then, accept the terms and site policy by clicking on the box also. I accept the TOS and Privacy Policy of Dailymotion.

Finally, press Sign up again.

You can save time and effort by logging in to your Facebook account, or on Google by clicking on the platform icon and completing the steps.

How to make money from Dailymotion

Now we come to the important thing, which is how to earn money from Dailymotion?


First of all, you have to post a lot of your exclusive videos on your channel, above all, to achieve a number of followers.

  • Open the account by typing the email and password.

  • Go to settings.

  • Right below, you will find the word "Liquify", which is the word that means making money from the site, and it is that which interests us here.

  • It is essential to read the terms of service.

  • Click on the option to activate the monetization and then agree to the terms specific to the site.

  • Now you have to wait for your application.

In the end, Dailymotion is only one of many alternatives that you can use if you don't like Google services or ways to profit from them.


But as a matter of fairness, I have not seen a company like Google today win the users as it does. Still, we do not forget the other defects that are possible to close the account at Adsense at any time without notice. Yet, recently I used the method of suspending the Adsense profits in order to limit Anger.
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