How to earn money directly from the Facebook Viewpoints app:

How to earn money directly from the Facebook Viewpoints app:

The social network Facebook still makes available ways and ways to profit from the Internet by making it available more ways that we can earn money and income from behind the blue network Facebook, after it made a profit from the videos of Facebook pages, today it launched a somewhat different new method. Still, it is all Confirmation brings us money, so why not share it?


Facebook Viewpoints explained

Do you believe in the way to profit from applications? This time it will be to earn money or money behind the forms available on the stores. Facebook launched the Viewpoints application, which will enable you to make money by using it, so how can we use it? And how to get it and download it? This is what we will get to know in the next few lines.


Simply and in short, Facebook will benefit you by participating in its own research, filling out opinion polls, by getting essential opinions about the products you use on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, to improve them and get rid of their problems, in addition to other tasks, and in exchange for this matter, you will get On the money that will be sent to you immediately.


Register with Viewpoints

All you have to do is register in the new application or service that has already seen the light in many countries of the world and will be gradually provided in the rest of the world, once you register in the application on Android or iPhone you will be invited to participate in the program. Before starting the opinion polls, the mechanism of work will be clarified, Such as defining with is the information that you will get through you.


Like what instant messaging apps do you use, and for how long? What kind of device are Samsung, Huawei, Redmi, Google Pixels, Apple TV? Etc. What is the Internet you use, and of course, Facebook assures you that it has not touched your sensitive information such as photos, videos, etc.?

The profit will be through the number of points that you will collect, and according to your points the value of the money that you will earn from behind this program and for the work you do will be approved, and this is what you will clarify, especially about the number of points that must be collected to get a sum of money for it.

About profits, if you achieve a part of it, it will be sent to your account in the PayPal bank directly, and it will undoubtedly be a minimum you must make to send your profits, and it is estimated that $ 100 and above.


Important note: The application may not work on some Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Redmi, Xiaomi or other phones that are not compatible with the app, so it is essential that you use it on a smartphone that is modern from modern mobile phones 2019 to work on it without any problems.


Download the Facebook Viewpoints app for Android and iPhone

The application is available on both the Google play store for Android phone users, and the link below can be found, and through the store in the App Store for Apple iPhone fans.

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