How to profit from the Internet without capital and for free:

How to profit from the Internet without capital and for free:

We are still talking about ways to benefit from the Internet

Or work from home, there are many ways that we have known in previous articles, and it is always open to several others.


Today our article is somewhat different and essential for every beginner who wants to make money and make money from his home using a desktop or tablet device and an internet line.


  • Profit from the Internet 2020

  • Earn money without capital 2020

Each of us wants to start a business but is worried about losing the capital. It will pay for this. It is in a state of constant and continuous concern about the collapse of the project or the idea and the loss of money, but in the world of profit from the Internet or self-employment, it is somewhat different.


There are many ways that you can profit from the Internet without capital, yes without paying a penny and we can summarize the method through the following points:


Make money from Blogger.

Bloggers affiliated with Google Inc. are among the most popular blogs in the world, as the company has provided them for several users to write what they want to publish in various fields of cooking, makeup, fashion, fashion, perfumes, research, scientific writings, industrial technology, etc.


In addition to posting photos and videos, all of these clips, pictures, and text can be applied in the fantastic Blogger blog, which provides you with a place to earn money without paying a single dollar.

The blog and through the settings enable you to earn money quickly through what you write. Articles or topics must be exclusive to get a high rate of visitors and achieve a lot of money, and this is by participating in the Google Adsense ads program by going to the "profits" option in the blog and registration in the program.


Upon approval, ads will appear between your articles and placements, and on the homepage, the larger the traffic, the more and more money you earn.


Create a blog on BloggerBlogger:

It's easy. All you have to do is create a Gmail account, which is Google Mail.

Going to the Blogger Blog link and creating a blog in Bloggers through the direct link click here, click on Create your blog and start filling in the data, the blog name, and the link in English.

Then go to settings on the same previous link and choose the appropriate template from among many.

Free blogger templates or you can buy paid models on many websites that offer this.


Make money from Facebook pages:

  • Another way of gaining profit from the Internet without capital. This time from Facebook, which now allows users to earn money from the Internet for free, and it is among the sites of making money from the Internet guaranteed and honest.

  • You can earn a lot of money through your Facebook page, if it complies with the conditions, which is a high percentage of followers, achieving the rate of views on Facebook Videos over 3000 thousand views and other requirements.

  • Profit from videos on Facebook pages is through the ads included in the content, and you can subscribe to the program through the link click here where you can make money by inserting short ads in the available videos, we say qualified as they comply with the conditions.


Profit from WordPress:

Another way is through the free and paid WordPress sites, which is a blogging platform that is very similar to the Blogger mentioned above, where you can profit from the Internet without capital. It is among the company's profit from the Internet just as real as in the Blogger and Facebook pages.

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